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Why It’s Time to Try Full Spectrum Edibles

Why It’s Time to Try Full Spectrum Edibles

Posted: July 8th, 2021

Exploring the Full Spectrum of Edibles: Trichomes and Terpenes and Chocolates, Oh My!

If you’ve noticed more full spectrum cannabis gummies, chocolates, and mints sprouting up on dispensary shelves lately, you’re not alone. We’ve noticed as well, and we think it’s divine! As plant enthusiasts we’ve been proponents of enjoying the natural range of cannabinoids and terpenes that full spectrum cannabis edibles provide, and have sought to capture the essence of these compounds in the purest form possible. While our strain specific edibles are crafted to help you achieve a brighter day, a blissful rest or more calm and focus in between, it’s the full spectrum compounds that truly elevate the edible experience.

Getting Basic: Building a Foundation for Full Spectrum

Part one of our edible equation begins with a local, fair-trade chocolate company to source both our milk and dark chocolate, because the best cannabis edibles are crafted from the finest ingredients. Whether it’s a gummy, cookie, or chocolate, an edible is only as enjoyable as the food into which cannabis is infused. Part of our mission at Garden Society is to craft high quality edibles that will get you excited, and there’s few treats that bring us as much delight as gourmet chocolate.

Full Spectrum Cannabis Chocolate

Use Your Infusion: The Art of the Perfect Edible

The next step in creating a great edible, is selecting the best cannabis, as well as the infusion method. It wasn’t long ago that most edibles were simply infused with THC distillate, the cannabinoid responsible for the high associated with cannabis. Full spectrum extracts are far more nuanced and referred to as “whole plant” for a reason. The cannabis plant is a complex creature, and made up of over 100 different cannabinoids and terpenes that each have their own unique flavor, aroma, and therapeutic property.

Terpenes: Taste the Rainbow

Herbal notes in your Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt? That’s the terpene Myrcene. It’s one of the most prevalent terpenes in cannabis and is widely known for its calming effects. But, it’s not unique to cannabis, you’ll find Myrcene in hops, mangos and even lemongrass. Noting hints of fruit in our Spiced Dark Chocolate? Hello Terpinolene. It’s regarded for its energizing properties and also found in nutmeg, cumin and even lilacs. Feeling a little spicy? Peppery Caryophyllene is present in cinnamon, and can be found in our Milk Chocolate with Chai. While all of these natural compounds are present in cannabis, they can only be found in edibles that utilize a full spectrum extraction process, like we use here at Garden Society. While this method is more labor intensive, it’s a labor of love that allows us to showcase the unique flavors and properties of our strain specific premium cannabis.

Wine Country Cannabis

Parting Wisdom From Wine Country

Just as your favorite winemaker captures the terroir of the vineyard through selecting, sorting, and crushing the best whole grapes and their natural terpenes, our edibles contain the same complex array of cannabinoids and compounds that are found in the whole flower. We believe nature has already perfected the cannabis plant, and at Garden Society we’re here to celebrate and elevate it.