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What is Hash and How Will I Feel?

What is Hash and How Will I Feel?

Posted: December 23rd, 2020

We were thrilled in November to bring to you our newest product, Hash-Infused Rosettes. Rolled with full-flower cannabis from our local partner farms with strains selected for our specific effects, our new Rosettes take it up a notch with an infusion of Lebanese style, dry-sift hash.

OK, so now maybe you’re wondering, what exactly IS hash, and why is it infused into my Rosettes? We take you through some of the basics of how we make our hash, why it’s special, and how you may feel after trying one of our new Hash-Infused Rosettes!

Hash Pre-Rolled Joints

What is hash?

Ok, so you know those pretty crystals on the cannabis plant? The sticky ones? Those are called trichomes. Up close and magnified, they look like tiny mushrooms, and the bulbous end is called kief. Removing the kief from the plant is step-one in the hash-making process. The kief is filled with cannabinoids and terpenes – all the really good stuff! Once you remove the kief from the plant, you can then pressurize and heat it to make hash. We use a proprietary, Lebanese style, dry-sift hash in our hash-infused Rosettes – taught to us by some friends who have been making hash for many, many years. It’s so fun to learn from those who have mastered making hash with uncompromising quality, which is the name of the game here at Garden Society.

Hash Pre-Rolled Joints

So, how will the hash infusion change the way I feel?

Hash is definitely going to feel stronger than smoking a flower-only Rosette, so these are for our canna-confident customers who know they love to get high and enjoy all the wellness benefits of full-spectrum cannabis. All those concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes mean you will feel a stronger high, so make sure to start out slow if you’ve never enjoyed hash before. Our Blissful Rest hash-infused Rosettes are crafted to give you a really restful effect, perfect for the end of the day and into the evening. Our Brighter Day hash-infused Rosettes will give you an uplifting feeling, great for that at-home dance party with yourself or the next Zoom party with girlfriends. Our high-CBD Calm & Focus hash-infused Rosettes are beautiful, high-CBD flower combined with hybrid-hash. So you may experience a really calm head-high with a more intense body-high, amazing for a great hike or writing your next blog post.

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