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A Brighter Valentine’s Day with a Sativa pre-roll Bouquet

A Brighter Valentine’s Day with a Sativa pre-roll Bouquet

Posted: February 10th, 2020

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your valentine, quality is key. Call us high maintenance but we find it hard to be wooed by a bouquet of desiccated roses, no matter how many sweet nothings are whispered in our ear. Yet, how many times have we been offered a forlorn looking bowl of bud, only to be thankful for a free puff? Ladies it’s time to expect more from your flowers! We’ve got a sunny idea that is sure to bring joy to your heart, or that special someone. May we suggest opting for pre-rolls over roses this Valentines Day?

Opt for the Freshest

These days it’s impossible to ignore the carbon footprint of flowers overnighted from South America monoculture farms and other far corners of the world. When it comes to anything perishable we like to opt for the freshest and most natural option. The same is true for cannabis. Our premium cannabis comes from the highest quality farms in Humboldt and Mendocino counties, just hours away from our headquarters in Sonoma so there’s no airline tickets or UV lights required. We take great pride in sourcing the freshest, strain specific cannabis we can find, but just don’t take our word for it. Peer inside a pre-roll’s organic wrapping paper and you’ll find the telltale signs that are a hallmark of the highest quality cannabis.

Make Sure Your Flowers Are Well Trimmed

As outdoor enthusiasts we love foliage, but not on our buds. Just as you wouldn’t buy a bushy bouquet of roses, look for buds that have been trimmed of their leaves. Hand trimmed cannabis is the best as it preserves the plant’s delicate trichomes. Speaking of trichomes, you’ll want to look for those as well. They’re the granular crystals that make a bud look “frosty” and are where the terpenes (the aromatic resin compounds) reside. It should also go without saying; your cannabis should be mold and pesticide free. Since all Garden Society products are lab tested at every step you can rest assured you’ll never inhale these harmful and invisible compounds.

Green Means Clean

Roses are red, violets are blue, cannabis… is too? While healthy cannabis plants and leaves are deep green, it’s not uncommon for the best buds to also have hues of pink or purple. Do your buds look rusty and grey? Throw them away. These colors indicate that the flower has come from an unhealthy plant, or has suffered light burn from an overly intense greenhouse and will not give you the premium experience you deserve.

Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about overly ambitious grow lights as our plants thrive in the great outdoors. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of cannabis cultivation, outdoor growing also offers benefits such as the ability to use organic and natural cultivation methods that do not require synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Also, cannabis that’s grown outdoors has been shown to have higher terpene profiles and are often more flavorful and aromatic, just like those roses your grandma grew in her garden. While we’ve never turned down chocolates and roses from a Valentine, this year we’ll be giving the gift of a brighter day with a Sativa pre-roll bouquet.