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Cannabis Education

What’s the deal with CBD?

August 18th, 2021

CBD has been gaining a lot of popularity and visibility of late. At first we noticed it sprouting up on the shelves of local natural food stores but now it seems to be omnipresent; from Walgreens to Target we can’t even turn on a podcast without hearing an advertisement for…

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A Guide to Enhancing Your Creativity With Cannabis

July 26th, 2021

In our struggle to keep up with the demands of work, family, and newly rediscovered social obligations it’s easy to lose track of those “me” moments we used to take for granted. Our spare time used to be sprinkled with writing for pleasure, painting, exploring nature, listening to music, or…

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Why It’s Time to Try Full Spectrum Edibles

July 8th, 2021

Exploring the Full Spectrum of Edibles: Trichomes and Terpenes and Chocolates, Oh My! If you’ve noticed more full spectrum cannabis gummies, chocolates, and mints sprouting up on dispensary shelves lately, you’re not alone. We’ve noticed as well, and we think it’s divine! As plant enthusiasts we’ve been proponents of enjoying…

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Why Cannabis Could be a More Enjoyable Alternative to Alcohol

October 5th, 2020

Enjoy Flower for Your Next Happy Hour We’ll be honest; sometimes we count the hours until it becomes socially acceptable to pop a cork and relax. And, some days that’s earlier than others. The more we drink, the easier it becomes to reach for another glass and the harder it…

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Cannabis and Tools to Sustain Your Joy‌ ‌

September 29th, 2020

I use cannabis. Because you are reading this, you probably do, too. Or, maybe you want to? It has taken me a long time to admit to my use of this plant medicine. I was raised during a time, in a state, in a household where its legality made its…

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Movies to Pair With Your Favorite Cannabis

September 22nd, 2020

We relish movies in much the same way we enjoy cannabis. Whether we’re trying to find several hours of joy at the end of the day, looking to hit pause from the stress of life, or seeking mental refreshment and a fresh new perspective, there’s never been an easier or…

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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Edible

August 7th, 2020

Full Spectrum Sativa, Indica, or CBD? Here’s What to Look For, and Expect From, a Cannabis Edible When it comes to cannabis edibles these days there are so many choices. From sativa chocolates, to CBD gummies there's never been a larger variety of consumable cannabis products on the market. Gone…

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Celebrate This Father’s Day With Garden Society

June 15th, 2020

As pioneers striving to redefine the cannabis experience for women, our mission has been to provide our customers with the highest quality, strain specific products designed to further the acceptance of cannabis in daily life. As women and business owners we not only craft products that we want to consume…

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Which Cannabis Strain is Right for You?

May 27th, 2020

Aiming for Effect: A Blissful Rest, Brighter Day, or Calm & Focus Is it time to spark some creativity, unwind for a blissful slumber, or maybe you’re just in need of a little midday de-stress? Wine can be fine and liquor is typically quicker but they both ultimately lead to…

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Honor the Past, Celebrate Today – What Is 420?

April 16th, 2020

Ever wonder about the meaning behind 420? It’s an integral part of pop and cannabis culture, and cannabis policy reform, but where did originate and why? We loved the telling of this story from Carolyne Zinko in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Give it a read. In the…

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Better Understand The Role Cannabis Can Play in Your Life

February 13th, 2020

A Fresh Perspective With Sara Payan, Award-Winning Cannabis Educator, Speaker, and Public Policy Advocate We are back with Garden Society’s Fresh Perspective series. This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Sara Payan, a nationally recognized and award-winning cannabis educator, speaker, public policy advocate, writer and consultant. She…

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A Brighter Valentine’s Day with a Sativa pre-roll Bouquet

February 10th, 2020

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your valentine, quality is key. Call us high maintenance but we find it hard to be wooed by a bouquet of desiccated roses, no matter how many sweet nothings are whispered in our ear. Yet, how many times have we been…

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A Garden Society Guide to the Cannabis Conversation

December 18th, 2019

The holiday table; whether yours is peaceful or a powder keg depends on the company and conversation. There isn’t another time of the year when our social circles intertwine with such a diverse mix of individuals that we call “family.” Why not introduce a subject that’s safer than politics, as…

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See The Holidays Through pre-roll-Colored Glasses

November 12th, 2019

We used to get anxious, then we learned to see the holidays through pre-roll-colored glasses. When it’s dark by five o’clock we find it difficult to maintain the level of energy and enthusiasm we had during the summer. Add the stress of hosting a holiday party and the shopping, cooking,…

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Five Garden Society Tips for an Adult Happy Halloweed!

October 29th, 2019

Halloween is nearly here, which means we’ve sipped one too many pumpkin spice lattes and purchased far too many bags of candy for the kids in the neighborhood. In the wake of shopping for overpriced decorations, binging on mediocre horror movies, and navigating a sea of ridiculously priced “sexy” costume…

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Your Local Cannabis Guides

October 11th, 2019

We understand that trying cannabis for the first time can be intimidating. Much like our first trip to a wine bar, there are so many different styles, products and options. And despite what you mare hear, it’s impossible to know everything. We’re always learning. From flower to concentrates, vapes, edibles…

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