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Fresh Perspective: 5 questions with Sava founders Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz

Fresh Perspective: 5 questions with Sava founders Andrea Brooks and Amanda Denz

Posted: December 16th, 2019

Since we live in an age where summoning everything from pizza to a chauffeur can be done with a swipe of the smartphone, it seems only natural that we should be able to conjure an order of cannabis directly to our doorstep. Enter Sava. SAVA is a platform that connects consumers with brands that sell high-quality cannabis products and delivers orders to customers throughout California. This week at Garden Society we’re excited to sit down and gain a fresh perspective with SAVA founder and CEO Andrea Brooks as well as Co-Founder and CMO Amanda Denz, who are not only savvy business women, but passionate cannabis activists and lobbyists as well.

Andrea Brooks
Andrea Brooks
Sava Founder and CEO
Amanda Denz
Amanda Denz
Sava Founder and CMO

Thanks so much for sitting down with us this week ladies. We’re fortunate to count ourselves among one of the premium cannabis brands you deliver. And while you’re critical to our mission of spreading joy through cannabis, we have to ask; what brings you joy?

Laughing until it hurts, dancing the night away, being with our friends and families, which include our animal children! Also, spending time in nature. We work hard, and while that brings immense satisfaction, it’s so important to step away and create those moments where we get totally out of our heads and connect with the beings we care about and fully relax. Those moments are pure joy.

Life doesn’t seem to ever get simpler does it? We agree that striking that natural balance between work and play is a huge part of maintaining overall health, and as industry pioneers we know how hard you work. Andrea you came from a career in human and social services, and Amanda you joined Sava to build out the web experience, digital marketing, and brand strategy. Tell us what it’s like to be a female leaders in today’s climate?

2020 is the centennial of the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women’s right to vote. It wasn’t until the 1970s that laws were passed guaranteeing women the right to take a bank loan or get a credit card without a male co-signer. We’ve come a long way, and that is still not that long ago. Being women leaders of a growing company feels exhilarating, it feels empowering, and it feels important. As women leaders we can commit to supporting other women – to ensuring half of the brands we carry are made by women, to hiring women and paying the equally. We need to be in positions of influence to keep moving equality forward.

It’s amazing how much has changed in just a few decades, but there’s always progress to be made. As pioneers we’re in the unique position of being able to reference the past, while at the same time navigating our own path into the future. Speaking of pioneers, what lessons did you learn from your mother, a mother-like figure, or notable woman in your life?

Only boring people get bored. It sounds harsh on the surface, but the lesson really is that there is so much to engage with at all times, and if idle time is treated with respect and admiration it too can be extremely rewarding. Life is too short to be bored, there is so much to explore and learn! And if you are interested, everything is pretty interesting.

So true. Don’t worry, you don’t strike us as the type to ever let boredom cross your mind. While we’re on the subject of imparting wisdom, do you mind sharing a valuable lesson or gift from girlfriends or a girlfriend (it’s ok to shout her name out here!)?

We very much admire the quote, “to love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.” This rings true in friendships both during good and bad times – when times are joyus, we feel close to people who really see us. When things are hard, we need people who can help remind us of our center. That’s what true friendship is about, and we feel grateful to have many women friends with whom we share this caliber of connection.

We often learn the most about someone when we’re in a difficult situation. True friendship is a gift we wish upon everyone, but while friendships are important, what matters to you most at the end of the day?

Leaving the world better than we found it. We can do this by forging a new path in business and creating a company that does things the best way possible. We can do this by fixing things that are broken, picking up trash when we see it out on a hike. We can help a stranger or friend when they need it. There are so many ways big and small to do things that make other beings’ experiences better, and all it takes is asking ourselves regularly, “how can I help?”

You might have just figured out the meaning of life. Afterall, we’re just temporary inhabitants of this world. Thank you both for doing your part for women, cannabis, and the planet. You truly are inspiring and we can’t wait to grow with you. For our readers that want to follow along you can find Sava on social media @getsava or on their website Thanks for joining us and we look forward to sharing more fresh perspectives with you in the near future!

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