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The Science Behind Garden Society’s Proprietary Rapid Effect Technology

The Science Behind Garden Society’s Proprietary Rapid Effect Technology

Posted: August 31st, 2022

Why do some cannabis edibles take hours to reach full effect, while others start to act within minutes? Why can some edibles feel so much stronger, even at the same dose? It’s science, and we’re here to unlock the secrets behind edibles, and explain the proprietary technology that allows you to feel our full spectrum Rapid Effect Wine Country Gummies in about fifteen minutes, as opposed to the two hours that it traditionally takes to feel the effects after ingesting cannabis. 

“When we first launched Garden Society in 2016 we came to market with cannabis-infused fruit gelėes that were a fast favorite,” said Karli Warner, Garden Society co-founder and CMO. “Staying true to our Wine Country roots we wanted to ensure that our new edibles were crafted with premium full spectrum cannabis and fruit-forward flavors inspired by our surroundings. After years in development, we’re happy to say our new gummies will take you straight into the vineyards with a wonderfully flavorful Wine Country twist.”  -Karli Warner

Cannabis Edible Science

Necessity Is A Mother

Coming from a Chemical and Biological Engineering background, Garden Society Founder and CEO Erin Gore is more than a little familiar with the study of compounds and how they interact within the body. So, when we set out to create our Garden Society Wine Country Gummies and couldn’t find an existing technology that allowed full spectrum cannabis edibles to quickly interact with the body, Erin set out to create her own proprietary Garden Society Rapid Effect technology.

THC Full Spectrum Extraction

Into The Weeds Of Edible Science

Since cannabis science is a relatively new and under-researched field of study, our first phone call was to a professor at Lehigh University, who is an expert in the field of bioavailability, AKA a drug scientist who studies how much of and how quickly a compound interacts with the body. Through his research and Erin’s educational background we were able to form a functional blueprint and hit the kitchen. Edibles are traditionally processed through the digestive system, which takes time since the cannabinoids have to pass through the stomach before the THC finally reaches the liver where it’s converted from plant based Delta 9 THC to metabolically produced Delta 11 THC; a longer lasting, more powerful and more psychoactive form of THC. This explains why the “high” from eating cannabis edibles typically lasts hours, and feels stronger, than smoking cannabis flower. It’s also why using full spectrum cannabis is an important first step when it comes to crafting a quick acting edible.

cannabis oil

Solving The Insoluble 

Before we designed our edibles to act faster, we wanted to make them more effective. While some edibles use THC isolate, which the body can’t effectively process, we start with full spectrum flower. “If you take a whole bunch of pure THC, your body can’t absorb it,” just like if you take too much vitamin C, your body absorbs what it can then rids itself of excess, explains Erin, “it’s like making a bottle of pinot noir by taking grain alcohol and blending it with pinot noir grape juice.” You’ll certainly feel something, but most likely it will be far from delicious, or pleasant. However, if you combine THC with its other natural cannabinoids, phyto lipids, and compounds found in cannabis flower, your body is able to absorb it more effectively. The problem is that full spectrum cannabis is oil based and doesn’t play well with water based gummies, so for our next step we took basic starch, chemistry and pH chemistry to make a hydrophobic (non-water soluble) compound hydrophilic (water soluble) and voila! Now, we just needed to devise a method for the cannabis molecules to enter the body faster and more efficiently.

Garden Society Rapid Effect fast acting Wine Country Gummies

The Fast Acting Hybrid Model

Since cannabis molecules are too large to enter the bloodstream directly, we had to go one step further and break them down into nanoparticles so they could dissolve and enter your bloodstream while you chew, similar to a tincture; the reason tinctures act so quickly is because they’re absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your mouth, and bypass the whole digestive system. We also wanted to achieve the speed of a tincture with the yummy of a gummy, so we opted for a hybrid model and turned to nanoscience to achieve our Rapid Release effect. We blasted the cannabis molecules to break down the particle size, created a full spectrum powdered base that was small enough to quickly enter the bloodstream, complex enough for the body to fully absorb, and delicious enough that it could be easily combined with the fruit forward flavors of Wine Country. Cheers to science, perseverance, and the ability to create a more perfect edible for all of our customers to enjoy. Now, go enjoy a few Wine Country Gummies this weekend and send your chemistry teacher a “Thank You” note.


“When we set out to create a fast-acting edible we wanted to ensure we delivered on the promise of effect, while keeping quality and taste a top priority. We sourced the flower from some of the best farms in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, and tapped the power of chemistry to turn it into a proprietary extract that enables a rapid onset. We combined this with natural flavors inspired by Wine Country to create a delicious-tasting edible that offers a really nice body high, with a faster response and a shorter lag time.” -Erin Gore

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