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High CBD Rosettes

Calm & Focus
High CBD Rosettes

High CBD Pre-Rolls

15:1 CBD to THC, 3.75g per pack, .375 g per pre-roll, 10 pre rolls per pack

Garden Society High CBD Rosettes, feature a classic cannabis strain grown for generations in California for it’s therapeutic feelings, Ringo’s Gift. At <1% THC and 15% CBD, you can expect the calmness we know and love from CBD to be amplified by the touch of THC.

Rolled with sungrown, full flower cannabis, our Rosettes bring a sense of calm and focus to even your most hectic day.

Strain: Gold Gift

Gold Gift provides very little to no psychoactive effects. Whether heading into a stressful board meeting, or just want more headspace to stay on task, this citrusy strain can really clear your head and increase your ablity to focus. The aroma of the flower fills your pallet with fruit and a mildly sweet flavors.

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