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Women in Cannabis

Women in Cannabis

May 12, 2020

Women, Wine & Weed

Women, Wine & Weed

July 16, 2019

Product Facts


  • Our cannabis is sourced from our biodynamically farmed cultivation. We grow outdoor cannabis, using biodynamic practices.
  • The cannabis concentrate is extracted using cold ethanol under pressure to ensure that all the original terpenes and cannabinoids remain. We believe full-spectrum cannabis is best, and never use distillate in any formulating.
  • We also keep the lipids and phytocannabinoids in the extract because it improves the bioavailability (meaning absorbability) of the cannabis, and also encourages the entourage effect.
  • The edibles are cannabinoid specific.
  • Our Fruit Gelée and Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili are infused with Sativa extract
  • Our Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt are infused with an Indica, high CBD extract
  • Our pre-rolls are full-flower and strain specific, sourced from our cultivation


  • We worked with a Wine Country chef to develop our Fruit Gelée recipe. He ran the Michelin rated and James Beard award winning restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco for 10 years, then was at Cyrus in Healdsburg (also Michelin rated) and is now a full-time chef at a winery in Healdsburg.
  • We work with a local husband and wife chocolatier team to develop our recipes of our Milk
  • Chocolate with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate with Chili. They have an artisan bean to bar company called Volo Chocolate in Sonoma County. Prior to starting Volo, they were renowned chefs and owned multiple restaurants in Wine Country.

Garden Society

  • Garden Society launched at Emerald Cup in 2016, under Prop 215.
  • We are a licensed microbusiness based in Cloverdale, a small town in north Sonoma County, in the heart of wine country.
  • Garden Society is a certified Benefit Corporation with a purpose to create products and education for women’s wellness.

Executive Bios

Erin Gore

Erin Gore

Founder and CEO

Erin is an active member of the Northern California cannabis community, a cannabis-focused contributor to Green Entrepreneur, and a frequent speaker on the topics of cannabis and entrepreneurship. She’s a fearless advocate for women-owned cannabis businesses, and equally dedicated to breaking the stigma and rewriting the script around the plant. With a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Erin is also fluent in the science-based talk of cannabis and production.

Her name regularly appears on “Top Women in Cannabis” lists nationally. She has been recognized by Forbes as a powerful and innovative woman in cannabis, and most recently as a 2021 top female business leader by the North Bay Business Journal.

Karli Warner

Karli Warner


As co-founder and head of marketing for Garden Society, Karli’s communication and marketing prowess makes the brand shine. As a working mom and wife to a cancer survivor, she understands the positive wellness impact low-dose edible cannabis can have on the mind, body and soul.

Karli began her career in communication and marketing in the wine industry at a boutique PR agency in Napa, where she learned the ropes of pitching and building media relationships. While also expanding her wine education and knowledge, her interest in the wine business quickly deepened and lead her to explore other aspects of brand and event marketing. As her career progressed, she moved to Constellation Brands, the world’s leading wine company. There she emerged as a top-tier marketer, learning firsthand the importance of partnerships and cross-brand collaborations. Through thoughtful storytelling, pitching, and partnerships, Karli landed media coverage for brands in national media outlets including Today Show, Wall Street Journal, Wine Spectator and Food & Wine magazine.

While at Constellation, Karli helped launch a wine brand that, at the time, she didn’t know would eventually shift her career from wine to cannabis – this is when her Garden Society story began. In 2016, Karli reconnected with her former wine industry peer, Erin Gore, who had recently launched Garden Society, a cannabis company focused on women’s wellness. Shortly thereafter Erin asked Karli to join the Garden Society team to lead marketing and communication efforts. Together, Erin and Karli have quickly built a well-recognized luxury cannabis brand that has garnered the interest of Today Show, CNBC, Marie Claire, Los Angeles Times, Forbes and many more.

As she loved telling the story of wine—from vine-to-glass—Karli is even more passionate and personally touched in telling the Garden Society story, from seed-to-delectable confection.


For your convenience, we’ve included our logo and product photos below for use in press or trade materials.

Master Logo

Download: PNG | EPS


Spiced Dark Chocolate: download

Milk Chocolate: download

Chai Milk Chocolate: download


Brighter Day Pre-Rolls: download

Blissful Rest Pre-Rolls: download

Calm & Focus Pre-Rolls: download

Hash Pre-Rolls

Brighter Day Hash Pre-Rolls: download

Blissful Rest Hash Pre-Rolls: download

Calm & Focus Hash Pre-Rolls: download

*Garden Society retains rights to all logos and photos listed on this page. To be used for press or trade to promote Garden Society or Garden Society products. Some photos may have limited rights so permission is needed before using in large format.


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