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Podcast Session 9: Ask For What You Need

Podcast Session 9: Ask For What You Need

Posted: June 4th, 2019

The ladies of Garden Society want you to ask for what you need… and then get it! Explore marketing strategies for your cannabis business and personal brand in session nine. The ladies share stories of failing forward. Get inspired to build your confidence, network, and business.

Show Notes:

Kimberly Dillon

Former Chief Marketing Officer of Papa & Barkley, one of California’s leading Cannabis brands in the wellness space, Kimberly Dillon has over 15 years of developing purpose-driven brands and stories. She is now consulting with a number of brands, retailers, and investors in the cannabis category through her new venture, Plant and Prosper. Kimberly has spoken at key conferences including TedWoman, SXSW and was named one of the top leaders to watch in tech by the Huffington Post.

Kimberly LOVES Instagram and tells lots of stories. Find and follow her: @kimberlykdillon

Tips for Getting What You Need

Understand your wants from your needs.

Don’t be afraid to fail. A LOT!

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Trust your body.

Know your audience.

Listen to your customers.

Find a mentor to level-up.

Network outside your comfort zone.

Refine your extemporaneous speaking skills through improv, stand-up, Toast Masters, etc. so you can speak with confidence.

Find or create a supportive group of peers who are “in it” with you and can be a pillow and sounding board.

Marketing Consulting

If the cannabis marketing conversation left you with more questions then answers, contact Kimberly for a consultation.
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