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Podcast Session 2: Light Bulb Moment

Podcast Session 2: Light Bulb Moment

Posted: February 26th, 2019

The ladies of Garden Society discuss life-changing, light bulb moments with the founders of Alice, a free website helping business owners find the right path to start and grow their companies. It’s one of those “aha!” conversations that inspire action. Realizing you have the power to build the life you want is the first step. Learn what comes next in bootstrapping your dream business.

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Session Two Show Notes

Alice is a free website that helps business owners find the right path to start and grow their companies by matching them with opportunities to save time and make money. Alice supports equal access and opportunity for all business owners, no matter where they come from or who they know.

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Featured in Entrepreneur, Fortune, Inc., and Fast Company, Alice was founded by Latina three-time entrepreneur Carolyn Rodz. Alice is a free AI-driven website, prioritizing women and underrepresented founders, that helps business owners find the right path to start and grow their companies. Carolyn has helped raise billions of dollars of capital for innovative organizations, created a luxury retail line that sold in over 400 stores worldwide, and later launched a global marketing firm. Carolyn was recognized by Inc. as a “17 Women to Watch in 2017,” by Entrepreneur Magazine as a 2016 “Woman to Watch,” and was selected to participate in the United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator.

Elizabeth Gore serves as President and Chairwoman of the Board for Alice. As a social enterprise, Alice is open to all entrepreneurs and prioritizes services for women, minorities and veterans. Prior to Alice, Elizabeth was the Dell Technologies’ Entrepreneur-in-Residence and previously served as the first-ever Entrepreneur in Residence for the UN Foundation. Elizabeth was named by People as one of the “Top 100 Extraordinary Women,” is one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Women to Watch.” Elizabeth is also the Chairwoman of Rebuild North Bay, a nonprofit leading fire recovery and the rebuild of Northern California following the devastating 2017 fires.