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Pairing Podcasts and Cannabis

Pairing Podcasts and Cannabis

Posted: October 16th, 2020

A Fresh Podcast Playlist for Your Favorite GS Products

Whether we need an extra boost of motivation to get us through a workout, a true crime story to distract us while we’re traveling, or a personal meditation coach to guide us into peaceful slumber there’s a podcast to get us there. At Garden Society, we’re not only big fans of podcasts, we’re proponents for using cannabis to enhance experiences or rituals in our daily life and podcasts are no exception. Just as we craft strain specific cannabis for any mood or time of day, we’ve got your new favorite product pairing all queued up. Listen up and we’ll guide you through our favorite podcast pairings.

A Brighter Day

The Happiness Lab

Good morning sunshine! While most happiness experts don’t recommend checking your phone first thing in the morning, we’ll make an exception for Dr. Laurie Santos and her podcast The Happiness Lab. Whether you’re suffering from ‘time famine,’ looking for tips to deal with choice overload, put down the phone, or practice gratitude, Dr. Santos takes a fun and informative dive into the inner workings of our brain and human nature to give us strategies to live a more fulfilling and mindful life. What pairs with gratitude, peace, and creativity? The lift from a fresh premium sativa-hybrid pre-roll will help kickstart your path to positivity.

99% Invisible

Ready to expand your mind and explore an endless path of knowledge? Enjoy a Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili, find a good wifi connection, and start downloading 99% Invisible and discover the history, facts, and stories that have been hiding in plain sight. Roman Mars’ upbeat show covers such a diverse range of subjects, from art and architecture, to history, and even sounds, that you’ll surely discover a fresh new perspective on the world.

Calm and Focus

A Mindful Moment

Before that tension headache takes hold, light a Ringo’s Gift filled High CBD pre-rolled and download A Mindful Moment with Teresa McKee. McKee’s masters degree in leadership psychology coaching lends credibility to her episodes that deal with everything from living in uncertainty to improving mental wellbeing and living at ease. Breath in. Breathe out.

Rebel Buddhist

Ready to harness your inner Rebel Budhist? From relationship advice to tips to drink less, become an anti-racist, and give yourself permission to be selfish, Master Certified Coach Ana Verzone offers honest and helpful advice for living and coping in our current society. And, while you’re taking a moment for yourself, open a pack of high CBD Milk Chocolates with Chai and let the stress melt away one bite at a time. Namaste.

Blissful Rest

Meditation Oasis

Can’t take a trip to the spa? Travel to the Meditation Oasis for the next best thing in audio-therapy. Relax, unwind, and prepare for peace and perfect slumber in the comfort of your own headphones. We don’t condone smoking in bed, but this podcast is the perfect for listening post Indica pre-roll. Let the gentle calm of the full flower Chocolate Hashberry float through your mind while a queue of guided meditations will remind you to breathe, embrace effortlessness, and rest in stillness.

Sleep With Me

Searching for something more interesting than white noise? Sleep With Me is specifically designed to lull you off into dreamland with “a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. Paired with a pre-bedtime Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt we challenge anyone to escape this powerful one-two punch from the sandman. Stay far away from heavy machinery and don’t forget to set your app’s sleep timer.

Reading this on your phone? Start downloading today, throw a Garden Society delivery order your cart, or plot a trip to your local dispensary and let us know how we did with our pairings this week. Let us know how you like our movie and podcast pairing suggestions thus far on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.