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Outsmarting Daylight Saving Time

Outsmarting Daylight Saving Time

Posted: March 11th, 2022

Regulating Your Evening Routine with Cannabis

If you’ve found yourself hitting the snooze button a few extra times this week you’re not alone. We used to triple our alarm clock taps this time of year until we laid out a better plan to tackle Daylight Saving Time by using a more curated nightly cannabis routine. Most of us who travel are aware that even subtle shifts in time zones can cause our bodies internal clock to go haywire with jet lag, and Daylight Saving is no different. We’ve got a few tips to help you fall asleep faster and wake up on schedule whether you’re springing forward, falling back, or just trying to get your bedtime routine back on track.

Start Slowly

Losing even one hour of sleep can wreak havoc on your routine. The days after Daylight Saving Time feel earlier than usual because, as creatures of habit, we naturally stick to the same schedule and biorhythms. What once felt like 10pm is now 11pm, and when we choose to ignore the clock we end up paying the price in the morning. Starting your evening routine 15 to 20 minutes earlier each evening will help you gradually adjust over the week and before you know it you’ll be back in the swing of your evening routine.

What if I’m Not Tired?

We’re here to help! Rather than reaching for prescription sleep aids, cannabis is a natural way to jump-start your bedtime routine and ensure you’ll be primed for peaceful slumber. Hold off on that extra glass of sleepytime wine though, while it can make you feel tired, alcohol will actually decrease your sleep quality, and can cause irregular sleep cycles, which will result in a more restless slumber and groggier mornings. 

A More Blissful Rest

Looking to fall asleep fast? Our Garden Society Blissful Rest pre-rolls are filled with premium Indica dominant cannabis to provide fast acting physical and mental relief at the end of your day. For those who have even more difficulty falling asleep, or have a higher tolerance, look for our Blissful Rest hash-infused mini pre-roll Garden Society pre-rolls that combine our indica-hybrid cannabis with premium dry-sift hash for an added full-flower boost. If you’re looking to ease gently into that good night, our Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt edibles deliver 10 milligrams of full spectrum Indica dominant THC from full flower premium cannabis along with 1 milligram of CBD per serving. Since it takes up to two hours to feel the effects of these chocolate edibles, they’re perfect when you have time to plan ahead. Simply enjoy one chocolate right after dinner and gradually feel the effects start to take hold as the evening wears on. If you’re still looking for the full body effects of an edible but want to feel the onset almost immediately, our new Garden Society Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Wine Country Gummies are the perfect fast-acting full spectrum cannabis edible for you. Enjoy a bite before you brush your teeth and by the time you run through the shower and put on your pajamas you’ll already be feeling more relaxed. 

A Routine Evening 

We were curious to find out how you incorporate cannabis  in their evening routine, so we asked. How do you use Garden Society cannabis to help fall asleep in the evening?

“I love smoking a Blissful Rest pre-roll after I tuck the kids into bed. I sit outside with a cup of tea and have a ‘me moment’ while I look at the stars. After about 10 minutes I head inside, open a book, and by the third page I can’t keep my eyes open. It’s the best way to fall asleep quickly; otherwise I start scrolling on my phone and two hours later I’m angry at myself for not getting to sleep sooner.” -Allie in Los Angeles

“When I know I have to wake up early for work or a flight I enjoy an edible, usually a full or a half of a Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt around 8pm, and then I smoke one of the Garden Society hash pre-rolls. The pre-roll helps get me ready to sleep and then the edible kicks in later when I’m in bed and helps me stay asleep. When I wake up I feel great, even if it’s before the sun comes up.” -Amy in Santa Barbara.

Have an evening routine or tip you’d like to share? Drop us a message here, send us a message on Instagram, or better yet, take a shot of your routine and tag us @grdnsociety… if you can stay awake. 

Looking to find a more Blissful Rest near you? Head to the Where To Buy section on our website for a full list of Garden Society dispensaries and delivery services in your area.