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New! THCV-Rich Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc Gummies

New! THCV-Rich Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc Gummies

Posted: December 13th, 2022

These refreshingly tart edibles are made with proprietary full spectrum cannabis extract to enable a rapid effect and meant to leave you feeling joy-filled and in the moment

Here at Garden Society, we always aim to close out the year on a high, and what better way than to introduce our new THCV-rich Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc gummies?

While THCV is a lesser-known cannabinoid and frequently eclipsed by its more familiar siblings THC and CBD, with the release of our new THCV gummies, we’re hoping to shine a light on all its goodness. Our THCV pre-rolls have been a fast favorite, and we expect these delicious new edibles to be the same. Refreshingly tart, we are just in love with our Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc gummies that leave us feeling joy-filled and in the moment, even on our most hectic days.

Looking for a munchie-free high? THCV is renowned for its appetite-suppressing ability. Using proprietary, fast-acting technology, these delicious edibles feature a special sour coating to complement the delightful flavors of kiwi, lime, and crisp sauvignon blanc and will provide the desired effect in around 15 minutes.

These edibles are comprised of a blend of THCV and THC with a slight degree of variability given its pure ingredient of full spectrum, full flower. Garden Society’s gummies are all gluten free, come in packs of 2 or 20, and are available in dispensaries across California.

THCV is Growing in Popularity for All the Right Reasons

Cannabis is a complex plant that contains over 540 chemical substances and over 100 known cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV as it’s more commonly known, was first discovered in 1973 and is just one of these complex substances unique to the plant. While THC is the most famous of these cannabinoids, some strains, such as our new THCV gummies, contain a higher proportion of THCV. 

Studies have shown that THCV “decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism,” which means that THCV could not only help you pass on the second helping of holiday leftovers, it might also assist your body in burning up the calories more efficiently.

Occasionally we’ll hear from customers who haven’t used cannabis in a while or are hesitant to try it again because of an experience that was less than positive. While we offer products with higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC in our Calm & Focus products, studies have shown that THCV can be useful when it comes to reducing anxiety and decreasing stress without the risk of paranoia.

And if we can brag for a moment: we’re proud to have developed our rapid-effect technology in-house. Using Founder and CEO Erin Gore’s background in chemical and biological engineering, she led the manufacturing team to create a highly absorbable full spectrum extract using nanotechnology. Unlike a traditional edible that processes through one’s liver, the cannabis extract in these gummies transfers through the blood barrier in your mouth, creating a rapid onset. (Go, team, GO!)

Dedicated to creating a new perspective on cannabis, our customers enjoy premium cannabis with an expected experience. The new Wine Country Gummies offer customers the same trusted Garden Society experience delivered by their cannabis-infused chocolates and pre-roll, available in both full-flower cannabis and hash-infused.  

Have you tried the new gummies? If so, we’d LOVE to hear your feedback – drop us a line at

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