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New Wine Country Gummies!

New Wine Country Gummies!

Posted: December 6th, 2021

Rapid Effect Cannabis Meets the Essence of Wine Country

A Taste of Wine Country

We’re excited to introduce our new line of rapid effect, full spectrum gummies. Inspired by Wine Country and crafted with full spectrum cannabis oil sourced from flower grown on some of the best farms in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, our new Tart Cherry Pinot Noir, Peach Prosecco and Sparkling Strawberry Rosé gummies are also infused with real wine concentrate. Whether you’re looking for a low dose full spectrum cannabis edible or searching for an easier way to microdose, our new Wine Country Gummies feature our proprietary, fast acting technology that allows you to experience an onset within 15 minutes–that’s just slightly longer than it takes to raise a glass and say “cheers!”

A Better Edible Through Science

Garden Society’s rapid effect technology was developed in-house using founder and CEO Erin Gore’s background in chemical and biological engineering. Erin led our manufacturing team to create a highly-absorbable full spectrum cannabis extract and utilized proprietary nanotechnology that allow the cannabis to transfer quickly through the blood barrier in your mouth, rather than through the traditional metabolization process that occurs in the liver after an edible has been ingested and can take several hours to reach full effect.

Discerning Taste

When we launched Garden Society in 2016, our first product was an edible fruit gelées that quickly became a hit. While we’ve become well known for our handcrafted cannabis infused chocolates, we were always inspired to recreate another line of fruit forward edibles. Staying true to our Wine Country roots we wanted to ensure that our new edibles were not only crafted with premium full spectrum cannabis, but would be as enticing as sipping your favorite glass of wine. We went straight to the vineyard for inspiration and sourced premium wine concentrate and fruit flavors to infuse into every bite.

Rich, Ripe, Dark Fruit for an Evening of Relaxation

The provenance for our Tart Cherry Pinot Noir gummies begins on the vine, in the trees and in the sun grown cannabis farms of Humboldt and Mendocino Counties. Savor the essence of real pinot noir while quickly melting into an enchanted state of tranquility. Our proprietary fast-acting formula allows our full spectrum cannabis to start working instantly, so you’ll feel the results in about fifteen minutes. Each edible contains 10 mg THC and 1 mg CBD per serving to help you quickly drift off into a Blissful Rest.

An Effervescent Way to Have A Brighter Day

All the fun of enjoying a peach bellini at brunch, without the afternoon nap that typically accompanies breakfast cocktails. Our new Peach Prosecco gummies will leave you feeling joyful and ready for a Brighter Day with friends, family, or perhaps just enjoying an afternoon alone in nature. These little gems feature the fruit forward flavors of a summer peach with the sparkling acidity of real prosecco and addition of sun grown full spectrum cannabis. With 5 mg of THC and 0 mg of CBD per serving these edibles will leave you feeling just the right amount of bubbly, and our rapid release formulation ensures that you’ll feel results about 15 minutes after your first bite.

Strawberry Rosė All Day

Just like a cold glass of rosé pairs well with any food, our Sparkling Strawberry Rosé gummies provide just the right amount of Calm & Focus for any time of day. Crafted with a high-CBD strain of full spectrum cannabis and ripe summer strawberries, these morsels are made for the moments when you want to take the edge off a stressful day, but still remain clear headed. Each gummy contains 10 mg of relaxing CBD and 1 mg of THC from full spectrum sun grown cannabis.

Available in dispensaries throughout California; from San Francisco and the Bay Area to Southern California, from Los Angeles to San Diego. Ask for Wine Country Gummies wherever you shop for cannabis.

Our new full spectrum Wine Country Gummies are currently available at these Dispensaries.


For a complete list of all Garden Society retailers and delivery services, please click HERE.

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