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Movies to Pair With Your Favorite Cannabis

Movies to Pair With Your Favorite Cannabis

Posted: September 22nd, 2020

We relish movies in much the same way we enjoy cannabis. Whether we’re trying to find several hours of joy at the end of the day, looking to hit pause from the stress of life, or seeking mental refreshment and a fresh new perspective, there’s never been an easier or more convenient way to find entertainment at the end of our fingertips. Unfortunately, this can mean choice overload. Have you ever settled down on the couch after a pre-roll, only to spend the remainder of your precious evening endlessly scrolling through Netflix? Guilty. We’ll take the guesswork out of your nightly entertainment as we do the heavy lifting and narrow down our favorite cannabis and newly released movie pairings.

A Brighter Day

At the end of the long day we just want to be entertained, and sometimes that means a film that’s not too cerebral, doesn’t require our undivided attention or won’t leave us contemplating the meaning of life.

The Lovebirds

A combination of love story and murder mystery, The Lovebirds brilliant lead actors Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani were the perfect pairing with our Brighter Day pre-roll. At times on the edge of our seat and at others, ROTFL, The Lovebirds is filled with opportunities for inspired belly laughs, with Rae and Nanjiani taking us on a quirky and surprising journey only enhanced by the heady-high of our Brighter Day strains.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

In the mood for something unconventional, bizarre and significantly darker? Start nibbling a Spiced Dark Chocolate or maybe melt one in a warm cup of milk, throw on a parka and open your Netflix app and jump straight to Charlie Kaufman’s latest genre and mind bending feature I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Somewhere around the thirty-minute mark you’ll wonder if the plot is edible induced or avant garde—the answer lies somewhere in between.

Calm and Focus

Looking for a way to enhance your cinematic concentration, discover a deeper meaning, or really take in the full impact of an auteur?

The Garden Left Behind

When the sweet and savory notes of Milk Chocolate with Chai are lingering on your palate, plant yourself in front of The Garden Left Behind and follow the poignant and touching tale of a Mexican-born, undocumented trans woman living with her grandmother in New York.

Sweet Bean

Perfect for serene viewing experience post High-CBD pre-roll, Sweet Bean‘s deliberate pace demands patience, but the satisfying simplicity of its story—and Kirin Kiki’s absorbing performance—yield an array of riches well worth the wait.

Blissful Rest

When we’re in the mood to unwind after a long day we want the perfect flick that allows us to zone out yet won’t leave us ready to call it a night if we happen to nod off.

Amazing Grace

If you’re in the mood for something inspirational and uplifting consider Amazing Grace. It’s a newly released documentary presenting the live recording of Aretha Franklin’s album in January 1972 and is the perfect auditory and visual accompaniment for a fresh flower filled Indica pre-roll.

Palm Springs

Not quite ready to say goodbye to summer? In the vein of Groundhog Day, Palm Springs is a rom-com time loop of revelry that is sure to leave you entertained, post Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt, and ready to jump in the pool… or bed.

And there you have it, your fall 2020 Garden Society guide to the best new streaming movies and cannabis pairings. If only we had a Doordash guide so you could make your dinner decisions this straightforward!