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Five Questions with Laniakea Evans of the “Tasty Tuesday” Instagram Show

Five Questions with Laniakea Evans of the “Tasty Tuesday” Instagram Show

Posted: April 15th, 2021

We love to celebrate the intersection of good cannabis and good food, which is why we put so much care into ensuring our infused chocolates are first and foremost—delicious! Well, one of our favorite local cannabis leaders, Laniakea Evans of 365 Santa Rosa, has taken that love a step further with her, “Tasty Tuesday,” segment on Instagram live every Tuesday. If you haven’t seen her yet, we insist you don’t miss her next one this coming Tuesday where she’ll be making a special recipe with Garden Society Chocolates in celebration of the most coveted cannabis holiday of the year, 420! Check out the show here and get the recipe here.

To get you ready for the this year’s event, we asked Lani to answer five questions for us to help us get to know more about what she loves about being a leader in cannabis.

What sparks your joy?
My family definitely brings me joy, I love being outdoors and gardening with my kids and I am continually thinking of new ideas for the store and how we can be more successful.

Being a female leader in the cannabis industry today, what advice do you have for women looking to make an impact in the industry?
Speak your mind and take a chance. This is an ever changing industry and we are constantly needing new ideas. Yours might be the one that changes our industry!

You’re very involved with our local community, normalizing and breaking the stigma of cannabis—what change would you like to see in cannabis and tourism in Wine Country?
I would like to see the city of Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma realize that cannabis has a positive economic impact on our city/county and that by promoting it and embracing that we can work together to increase our visibility to incoming tourists.

Tell us about a woman in your life who inspires you or has made a positive impact on your life.
My mom, Lynne Arce, has truly inspired me. She has shown me the importance of family and taught me my work ethic. She always makes sure the little things are there for us, the favorite dish at the holidays or a card to remind us that she thinks we’re still great, or just time together.

You host a weekly Instagram show called “Tasty Tuesday,” on 365’s Instagram, what do you love most about cooking with cannabis?
I love that cannabis is so versatile and it comes in so many forms. It used to just come in a butter form that was not as efficiently dosed and now I know exactly how much I am consuming and cooking with.