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Know Your Worth and Succeed in Love and Truth

Know Your Worth and Succeed in Love and Truth

Posted: July 10th, 2020

Proudly Planting the Seeds of Change as a Black Female Leader

A 200-hour certified teacher in the Yoga of Energy Flow, Courtney has been teaching yoga for 14 years. After completing her undergraduate work at Rutgers in English and Psychology, Courtney obtained a graduate degree in Education at Arcadia University and began teaching English in the public school system in Philadelphia while studying to become a certified Yoga and Thai Massage instructor. In addition to teaching Yoga, Courtney is a writer and freelance editor and has worked on a diverse range of material from manuscripts to children’s books and essays. As an Intuitive Coach and lifelong educator, Courtney works to commandeer possible approaches to support creation, manifestation, and healing while leading her students toward enlightenment.

Thanks so much for joining us today Courtney, we’re huge fans of yours and so grateful for the opportunity to share your words with our community. As big proponents of Yoga, the power of breathwork and incorporating mindfulness into our daily life, particularly in these stressful times as we try to remain grateful and positive. As an experienced Yogini and educator what brings you joy?

Joy comes from inside. This was always a challenge for me to understand. How could that be when so much of what I was experiencing that made me smile, laugh, or feel blissful appeared to be outside of me? What I’ve learned is that the joy that I am able to feel on the outside comes from within me and reflects out. Circumstances are only joyful because of my perspective on them. This became even more clear to me when I realized that in some of those moments that were supposed to be so happy, I felt sad, or the other way around. So what brings me joy? Me. And how I experience others and things, so yeah, me.

Each day you guide people on a personal journey toward health, happiness and spiritually, but you’re also a role model, teacher and have had an impact on so many lives over the course of your career as an educator and coach. What is it like to be a female leader in today’s climate?

Being a female today is a privilege. And not only am I a female, but I am a black female. So I am extremely proud. In today’s climate, female leaders are what the world needs. Much of the seeds that have been planted and are being planted in the world today by women who lead, including myself, will grow and shape the world in a way that it’s needed for hundreds of years. We have a lot of work ahead. Expressing as a black female during this time makes me so excited for change, for the impact that I might have, and to offer a new perspective that I will be able to share, that finally may be heard.

Change is coming and it’s an exciting moment to bear witness to the social awareness that’s developed and has been long overdue. It feels like each activist and proponent of change has had a powerful influence in their life that helped plant the seeds to awaken them into action. What lessons did you learn from your mother, a mother-like figure, or notable woman in your life?

My mother passed away when I was 15. Having lost her in my formative years has taught me most of what I know; it has taught me all about those things that I thought I knew, but do not. Loss teaches big lessons, the kind you can only have after years and birthdays and celebrations are missed, and the loss is felt on multiple levels. Then, you are able to have the gift that at first does not seem possible to obtain.

It’s hard to imagine but loss can be a gift. Often it’s the most difficult moments that shape us into who we truly are and want to be. Could you share a valuable lesson or gift from girlfriends or a girlfriend (it’s ok to shout her name out here!)?

I love my girlfriends that I have had from childhood. They are tried and true. Tanya, Dishonda, Chelsea, I would consider you all friends to the end. The valuable lesson of holding my hand and allowing me to hold yours throughout the years means more than I can say.

Other than a parent, it’s hard to imagine anyone knowing us better than our childhood friends. No matter what happens over the years, there’s a lifelong bond that’s cemented when we’re kids and maintaining those relationships is such a treasure. At the end of the day, what matters most to you?

My son is my world. He is a young black man with so much heart, so what matters to me most is that people do not take from him. What matters to me most is that he knows his worth, no matter what the world may say. What matters to me most is to see him succeed in love and truth. So I pray. I pray for all black men and women and men. I pray for all people. I believe it works.

Thanks for the amazing words Courtney; your strength, perspective, and optimism are just what the world needs right at this juncture in history. Your clients and students are lucky to have you, as is your amazing son. We wish you health and happiness as you continue to manifest your own joy from within.

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