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How Cannabis Can Bring You Joy This Summer

How Cannabis Can Bring You Joy This Summer

Posted: June 26th, 2020

From A Staycation to True Relaxation; Reinventing the Familiar with Cannabis

A Summer Redefined

A curious kind of summer has fallen upon us. While shops and restaurants are beginning to open their doors, large venues remain deserted. With the summer solstice in the rear-view mirror, this is typically the time of year we’re confirming our seats for an outdoor concert, crossing off the days until our girls weekend, checking passport expiration dates or sending Evites to our pre-fireworks 4th of July get together. That’s not to say these events won’t happen, but the ones that do will look different; smaller, more intimate, less familiar. If you’re feeling a little bummed out about a cancelled vacation or a postponed wedding it’s understandable. We’re adjusting too. But, we’re also casting our eyes up at the brilliant underbelly of receding morning fog and recognizing it for what it is; a radiant silver lining.

Contemplate Tranquility Outdoors

Before you try to count the ways the pandemic has negatively affected your summer, take a deep breath, and inhale a dose of premium full-flower premium cannabis. A recent WSU study determined that even one puff of cannabis high in CBD, such as the Gold Gift strain in our High CBD pre-roll, reduced symptoms of depression, while two puffs reduced anxiety and ten or more puffs produced profound reductions in stress. It just might be the best cannabis you discover this summer. Want to compound the effects of your cannabis summer stress relief? Step outside. We’re hard pressed to think of any place more enjoyable than a July day in the forest. A 2019 Frontiers in Psychology article detailed a decrease in the levels of our stress hormone cortisol that resulted from spending just twenty-minutes outdoors. Cannabis and the great outdoors; it’s a natural fit.

Your Local Relaxation Destination

Ready to book that camping trip even if it’s in your own backyard? Sometimes a change of scenery can be hiding in plain sight. A weekend getaway can be a state of mind, not an ordeal. Often hours of packing, cleaning, and sitting in the car can leave us more exhausted than when we started. Consider looking no further than your own backyard. Whether it’s the warmth of a charcoal grill or thrill of pitching a tent, often all we need is a small plot of land and a night under the stars to leave us feeling refreshed. For an added relaxation bonus try putting your phone on airplane mode for twenty-four hours to mimic the sensation of being isolated in the mountains. It’s ok, you can still tell your boss you’re on a camping trip and don’t have service. And, for extra credit, bring along a tin of Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt cannabis popcorn bites on your camping adventure to help you tune out the symphony of night noises. If you’ve never taken the time to gaze up at the constellations under the effects of indica we highly recommend it. There’s nothing quite like melting into a blissful sleep under the stars and waking up refreshed with the sun.

A Sativa Soiree

Just because your local fireworks display got cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a socially distanced backyard BBQ with friends. One benefit of social distancing has been reconnecting with those that are truly closest to us. Whether it’s our immediate family, or those we’ve chosen to let into our bubble, gone are the days where we feel compelled to invite every acquaintance and neighbor over for casual get-together since everyone’s post-quarantine FOMO meter has been recalibrated. Guests will be so happy to be out and about that they won’t scoff at being served wine in disposable cups or handed a premixed cocktail. While you’re refreshing your hand sanitizer supply, make sure to stock up on Sativa pre-rolls for all those who’d like to partake, as puff puff pass is no longer de rigeur. With the scent of fragrant, herbal smoke filling the air wafting toward the moon, hand out a few sparklers and voila- you’ll have the most festive Fourth of July celebration in town.

Using Cannabis to Enhance

While 2020 may not be the year of European vacations or Lindblad tours to Thailand, those days will soon enough be here again. Use this summer as an opportunity to reinvent and find enjoyment in the familiar. Cook up a quick cannabis infused Chai Chill Whip for dessert and chase it with a sunset stroll through the hills, paying attention to the gradient of colors that shift and transform above the twinkling lights of the city. Stroll through the park at dusk after an Indica pre-roll and watch the rabbits materialize from the bushes by the dozen. True happiness is built upon living in the moment and our mission is to help you reflect on that moment and discover your inner joy. From all of us here at Garden Society we hope you have a safe and wonderful summer!