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5 Easy Steps to Host Your Own Garden Party

5 Easy Steps to Host Your Own Garden Party

Posted: May 19th, 2022

Elevate Your Entertaining This Summer

Cannabis brings joy to our life, and we’re always looking for ways to share that joy with others. There’s no better way to brighten someone’s day than by inviting them over to partake in a cannabis sampling party. It’s just like hosting your Wednesday night wine club, but without the Thursday hangover. We call them Garden Parties and find that they’re the perfect way of introducing (or often re-introducing) cannabis to the “canna-curious” friends in your life. Sound like fun? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to get you on the right path so you can host your own Garden Party this summer.

The Concept

Did you know that Garden Society was conceived from our Founder Erin’s own “high holiday baking parties”? The concept began many years ago when Erin, a chemical engineer by trade, was secretly self-exploring and baking her own oil into delicious goodies. Her goal was to do something enjoyable; a passion project to mitigate the stress of everyday life. But, when her friends found out they asked to join,and it wasn’t long before friends of friends started to show up. Soon she was surrounded with many like-minded people, enjoying each other and making cannabis oil, cookies, and cakes, while conversing about life and the pressures shared. It was this concept that propelled Erin’s desire to leave her corporate life and start what is now Garden Society to craft products and grow a community founded on improving quality of life, and finding more joy, through cannabis.

Step 1: Finding Your Community 

The concept of the party is simple: Invite your friends, create an environment where people can chat about, learn, and enjoy cannabis. In creating a guest list consider both canna-curious and canna-confident, and keep the list to those above 21+ only of course. 
  • Try to incorporate a fun mix of guests who are open minded, but don’t necessarily all know each other. It’s fine to have several degrees of separation. As you’ll soon learn, cannabis is the icebreaker and there are no awkward conversations when there is laughter. 

Step 2: Acquiring Herbal Provisions

Order all of your Garden Society party supplies in advance. Head here to find a list of our retail partners.
  • No time to run errands? Don’t stress, delivery is a great option when you want cannabis dropped off on your doorstep. 
  • Depending on the size of your guest list you can also divide and conquer. 
  • Pick a theme and focus on one product like our sativa-hybrid strain Brighter Day pre-rolls or offer a selection of edibles and flower, which allows guests to partake at their own pace. 
  • Have a guest that’s new to cannabis? Offer her one of our high-CBD Calm and Focus products and ease them into the experience. 
  • Encourage the use of Lyft or Uber. If you’re enjoying edibles with your friends the effects can last several hours. Be responsible, just as you would if you and friends consumed more than a glass of wine, and especially if you are new to dosing and cannabis, in general. 
  • If you’d like information cards on the products we sell drop us a note at and there just might be a t-shirt in it for you.

Step 3: Drinks and Apps

Plan ahead and be prepared for your guests to get hungry and thirsty. Food and drinks may be served either by you, or it’s perfectly fine to request that they bring their favorite beverage and bite to share. 
  • Craft mocktails are a great choice and you can purchase a number of pre-made options, or mix them yourself with one of these vetted recipes
  • Avoid introducing alcohol as it can overly enhance the effects of cannabis. In fact, cannabis pairs perfectly with sparkling water of all flavors – and of course, the hydration benefits are well worth it.
  • Looking for aesthetic inspiration? Grazing tables are all the rage and we’ve got a printable cheat sheet that’ll make you look like a pro. 

Step 4: The Arrival

As guests arrive, direct them toward the food and beverages, or show them where they can set out any items they’ve brought, or, if you’re fully committed to the garden theme, direct guests to your alfresco setup.
  • In addition to snacks, provide a space where your full range of Garden Society products can be displayed.
  • Don’t forget to set up cocktail napkins and small plates; we love these compostable eco-friendly disposable plates made from areca palm leaf. 
  • Add a few fresh flowers to complete the tableau. A quick stroll through the yard with a pair of scissors and you’ll turn any table into a masterpiece. 
  • Mix and mingle! Walk the floor and make sure everyone has been introduced and make connections if you feel two guests share a common interest or friend. 

Step 5: The Party

Relax, this is the fun part! Now that everyone has arrived it’s time to introduce the products.
  • Start with a quick story about how you were introduced to cannabis, what your experience has been with the plant, and when, where, and how you like to enjoy it. 
  • Invite guests to the Garden Society table to sample your selection, or if you’re focusing on one product in particular, pass them around to your guests. 
    • If you’re sharing pre-rolls with your guests don’t forget to have several lighters on hand. These festive lighters from Bic offer a fun, floral, summer twist and make great party favors.  
  • You’re the pro! Be prepared to help your canna-curious guests. If it’s they’re first time smoking a pre-roll, show them how to light it and take a few puffs, inhale gently, and exhale without coughing. 
  • Just like you’d explain the region and varietal at wine club, take a moment to explain Garden Society’s effect focused products, the importance of using full spectrum cannabis in edibles, and why we only use premium flower sourced from premier farms in Sonoma and Mendocino County. Whether you’re sampling the Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Wine Country Gummies, picking up hints of the New Mexico chili powder in our Spiced Dark Chocolates, or inhaling the floral, herbaceous, earthy aroma of a Calm & Focus Hash pre-roll, take a moment of mindfulness with your guests and savor the experience as you would a glass of chardonnay. 
  • Send guests home with a goodie bag, not a hangover. Garden Society offers single and double pre-roll pre-roll packs. They’re the perfect portable souvenir to savor later in the week, and a great way to spark a friend’s interest in hosting the next Garden Party!