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Garden Society’s 2020 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Garden Society’s 2020 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Posted: November 24th, 2020

Sophisticated Gifts for the Wine Country Cannabis Enthusiasts on your List

In a year that keeps on giving it’s the perfect time to up your gifting game. Whether you’re looking for a unique hostess gift, a thoughtful surprise for a best friend, or just a special treat for yourself (trust us, you deserve it) we’ve compiled a fresh guide to the classiest gifts that any wine country cannabis enthusiast is sure to enjoy.

Higher Ettiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis

Destigmatizing the Cannabis Narrative

Cannabis etiquette is a new frontier in our society. Thankfully, there’s a reliable source for this newly necessary information. Lizzie Post is the great-great-granddaughter of manner’s queen Emily Post and has written the quintessential guide to Higher Etiquette. We’re fortunate enough to live in a time and place where cannabis is not only legal, but socially acceptable in a number of different situations. Unfortunately, the same people who taught us not to put our elbows on the table, or wouldn’t let us play with our birthday presents until thank you notes were written, are not a wealth of information when it comes to cannabis etiquette. Sorry mom and dad. How should we behave in a dispensary? What’s the proper protocol for bringing cannabis to a dinner party? How do we gracefully recover from a “canoed” pre-roll? Thankfully there’s a reliable resource for all these questions and more.

Higher Ettiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, From Dispensaries to Dinner Parties by Lizzie Post

Komorebi Collection Extra Large Luxurious Faux Wool/Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Opt Outdoors for a New Dining Perspective

Sonoma is gifted with near perfect weather year round, and wine country is practically made for picnics. With miles of walking and biking trails surrounded by some of the best vineyards in the world, it’s fitting that we’ve spent many weekends in every season enjoying weekend picnics on a patch of grass under a shady oak tree. It’s the ultimate in outside dining. Much like camping, a proper set of picnic gear makes the adventure much more enjoyable. That’s why we love the luxuriously soft faux wool picnic blanket from Komorebi Collection. It’s thick, stylish, easy to carry, and it has a waterproof backing to keep your dry even if the grass is draped in dew. It’s also a dream at the beach, or in your backyard as you drift off into a Blissful Rest.

Komorebi Collection Extra Large Luxurious Faux Wool/Waterproof Picnic Blanket

KreativeEarth Portable Adventure Picnic Set

Pack a Picnic

Ready to fully commit to al fresco dining wine country style? The portable adventure picnic set from KreativeEarth is the classiest way to tote your food and beverage to the most picturesque location. This waxed cotton canvas tote features insulated storage for two bottles of wine (or perhaps even a Spiced Milk Chocolate with Chai), an Acacia wood cutting board, a stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle, and a corkscrew. Since cheese and wine aren’t included, that just gives us the perfect excuse to stop by Vella Cheese and Sonoma Wine Shop on the way out of town.

KreativeEarth Portable Adventure Picnic Set

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

A Focus on Kitchen Creativity

This year we’ve been cooking more and experimenting in the kitchen. What started as failed attempts at sourdough has blossomed into culinary creativity sparked by determination and new found confidence. When wine ‘o clock kept creeping earlier every week and afternoon coffee began to undermine the tranquility of our Calm & Focus Hash pre-rolls we turned to brewing our own Kombucha. Not only did our DIY kit from The Kombucha Shop save us trips to the store, the bubbly brewing process was a fun family science project that the kids could participate in as well. Founded in 2013 by Kate Field, this simple, low tech, organic brewing set contains everything you need to get brewing this rejuvenating beverage at home.

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

Color Splash TapLite Corkscrew/Lighter

Uncork or Light Up?

It’s a situation we’ve found ourselves in on more than one occasion; we’re hosting a garden party, setting out appetizers, chatting with guests, and opening bottles of wine, when someone pulls out a pre-roll and asks if we have a light. Flustered, we can’t remember where we set it, and, if we’re lucky enough to have an outfit with pockets we fumble through them fruitlessly. That’s why we love the Color Splash Taplight. Half corkscrew, half lighter this hand painted multitool makes for the essential gift for any wine country cannabis enthusiast or garden party hostess.

Color Splash TapLite Corkscrew/Lighter

Levo II Herbal Infuser

Infuse some Fun into the Holidays

If you’re into high tech kitchen gadgets, the Levo II is a commercial quality herbal infuser with unlimited potential. From creating homemade herbal scented candles and lotions straight from the garden to infusing your own craft cannabis kombucha, the possibilities are endless. Precise temperature control, herb pods, and even a scent control let you discreetly transform the kitchen into your very own apothecary. Did we mention there’s an app so you can track your infusion progress from your home office?

Levo II Herbal Infuser

Lizush Spa in a Box

Make Any Day Spa Day

For those of you longing for the carefree days of spa trips with the girls, Lizush’s spa in a box is either the perfect gift for a friend, or necessary self-care indulgence. Each box is free of synthetic chemicals or fragrances, dyes, sulfates, alcohol, and GMOs and features a natural soap bar, facial clay mask, shower steamer, body oil, bath bomb, lip balm, face towel and scented candle so you slip away for a day (let’s be realistic, maybe an hour if we’re lucky) at your own personal spa. Now, if only we could give the gift of time. For added indulgence turn on the vent fan, turn off the phone, and enjoy a mid-soak Sativa pre-roll.

Lizush Spa in a Box

Emerald Country Custom Tours

Start Planning Your Next Weekend Getaway

If you’re like us, you’ve spent quite a bit of time tossing around ideas for your next trip, whenever that may be. Even if you’re not ready to book anything in the near future, just the anticipation of a weekend getaway can be enough to keep you going. If there’s still room left on your Pinterest travel board, consider penciling in a trip with Emerald Country Tours, whose mission is “to share the best of Northern California cannabis culture.” If you love spending weekends visiting wine tasting rooms and exploring vineyards on guided tours , then consider booking a custom cannabis journey through the Emerald Triangle. Expert guides and VIP access means you’ll have a private glimpse into the region’s award-winning, small farms that are known for cultivating sustainable, sun-grown, small-batch, top-shelf cannabis.

Emerald Country Custom Tour
Price Varies

SipSong Indira Gin

Cheers to a New Year

For the herbaceous cocktail enthusiast in your life, mix things up with an award winning gin from Sipsong Spirits. Each of the 13 botanicals in their Indira Gin was chosen, by their head distiller Tara Jasper, to touch a different part of your palate. For the full experience they also offer a S-I-P kit that includes everything you need for the perfect Gin and Tonic. Sober curious or looking to dry out after the holidays? Sipsong also offers a gin botanicals tea without the booze. Aromas of Italian Juniper, lavender, bay, toasted coriander, lime, Moroccan sweet orange, and cumin are perfect for infusing in hot water for an herbal tea, or use it to infuse your own non-alcoholic gin cocktail.

Indira Gin

Indira Tea

Volo Chocolate

The Holiday’s Darkest Delights

Lastly, what holiday celebration is complete without chocolate. If you’re crazy for cacao you’ll love the handmade confections from Volo Chocolate. Located in Healdsburg these chocolate artisans are the source for our Garden Society cannabis infused chocolates and have been perfecting their techniques for decades. The cocoa beans are the finest in the world and are fairly sourced from the Lachua and Polochic Valley regions in Guatemala, and from farmers’ association in Haiti. Flavors range from a pure 73% Deep Dark Chocolate to bars infused with brown butter and roasted almonds, candied orange peel, coffee, and even dried chilli and cherries. And, for the gift that keeps on giving, sign up for Club Volo and receive a monthly care package filled with the full range of their finest chocolates.

Volo Chocolate Bars
Club Volo Chocolate Subscription

Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, for more tips, ideas and product updates. Looking for more classy cannabis related gifts this holiday? Check out our 2019 Garden Society Gift Guide with items like a child resistant cannabis storage from Apothecarry and smell proof pre-roll travel cases from Hush Kush. Happy shopping!