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Garden Society Tips For The Perfect Canna-Inclusive Wedding

Garden Society Tips For The Perfect Canna-Inclusive Wedding

Posted: July 26th, 2022

Can You Win At Wedding Season? Yes, And We’re Here To Show You How

Wedding season is in full swing here in Wine Country, and that got us thinking; while an open bar is nearly mandatory at every celebration, why is cannabis typically off the table? We recently stuck around to help a friend clean up after her nuptials and were appalled to discover pre-roll wrappers discretely discarded under the table. Why was no one sharing? This week we’re inviting you to read along as we share our top four tips to incorporate cannabis into your next wedding festivity; no RSVP required. 


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Before the Big Day

While it’s a common Wine Country occurrence to see limousines full of bachelors and bachelorettes streaming into wineries, why not think outside the bottle? While a cannabis excursion might sound like it would only appeal to a select group of cannabis enthusiasts, we’ve found they can even be more entertaining for the canna-curious. Just as a vineyard tour can help you better understand the climate, geography and process that goes into crafting a Russian River pinot noir, a tour of a cannabis farm and dispensary offers a similar insightful perspective. The Sonoma Experience offers private excurious that incorporate both cannabis, wine, and beer to highlight the educational, as well as recreational aspects that make our region so celebrated. Likewise, Happy Traveler Tours also offers seasonal tours of both wine and cannabis country, and even offers an opportunity to visit a mountain top grow site in Sonoma, engage with cultivators, and visit local retailers for a full flower farm-to-table experience.

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Gifts for the Guests

If you were able to stock up on Peach Prosecco Gummies during your bachelorette party dispensary visit then congratulations, you’re already one step ahead. If not, you can relax knowing that Garden Society offers single and small packs of pre-rolls, Wine Country Gummies, and hand-crafted Cannabis Infused Chocolates that make for the perfect party favors.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the wedding party, or want your adult guests to take home a memento from a beautiful event, assembling a grab bag of Garden Society goodies is the perfect way to welcome guests, or say “thanks for celebrating with us” as you bid them farewell. To find Garden Society products in your location head here and discover retail and delivery options in your area. 

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Offer an Open (Cannabis) Bar

You don’t have to cut the booze and bartender completely, but offering a selection of mocktails and budtenders is the best way to create a cannabis friendly atmosphere on the big day. In addition to providing your guests convenient access to Garden Society products, access to an onsite budtender who can educate guests on strains, effects and dosing,  will help enlighten everyone and provide a more enjoyable experience. While your rosin dabbing cousin Cheryl might be confident in her ability to chain smoke hash-infused sativa-hybrid pre-rolls and wash them down with Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Wine Country Gummies, nobody wants to field phone calls from your lost Uncle Al as he wanders through the surrounding fields. Just follow the sound of the music Alfred, you’re almost there. Yes, it’s happened, and yes, our Calm & Focus pre-rolls offer a 15:1 CBD to THC ratio, which makes them the perfect way to indoctrinate hesitant guests to full spectrum, premium flower.  

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Lounge Access

Edibles offer a quick and convenient way to enjoy cannabis, however, for guests who enjoy smoking their flower, we recommend setting up a designated smoking lounge. If your wedding is an outside event, it can be as simple as setting up a side area with chairs or a couch where guests can enjoy in a more discreet setting and keep a distance from guests who prefer to avoid smoke, or prevent a rousing rendition of We Are Family from resembling a Wiz Khalifa concert. If your wedding is inside, a smoking lounge is even more essential and you should consider setting up a small outdoor tent and table. For bonus points you could even equip it with various flowers and papers to create a “roll-your-own” experience for guests. While weddings provide so many priceless memories, the sight of your mother-in-law grinding and rolling a bud of Joy Ridge Farm’s Blue Dream, could turn out to be the highlight of the evening… and every future family get-together. 

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