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Galentine or Valentine? We’ve Got Wine, Chocolate and Flowers

Galentine or Valentine? We’ve Got Wine, Chocolate and Flowers

Posted: January 28th, 2022

First date or soulmate? Galentine or Valentine? February 14th can strike fear in even the most romantic at heart, however, it still wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without wine, chocolate, flowers with our sweetheart. That’s why we’ve laid out a Garden Society guide ranging from a Galentine bellini brunch with your besties to a Valentine’s pairing for relationships ranging from first date to soulmate. 

The Conundrum

February 14th: a day that strikes fear in even the most romantic at heart. If the mere thought of shelling out $100 for four ounces of filet and Cava, you’re not alone. The fact that the holiday falls the day after a football and beer fueled buffet has us plotting our Galentine’s Day plans for the 13th, however, part of us still longs for a romantic Valentine’s Day with our sweetheart. This year no matter how, or who, you celebrate with, we’ve got a few Garden Society recommendations that you’re sure to love. 

Galentine’s Day

If you’ve never celebrated Galentine’s Day, 2022 is a super year to kick off the tradition. What better day to blindside the boys with the news that you’ll be skipping the big game to draft an afternoon of female camaraderie. Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend the restaurants have stocked up and marked up the sparkling supply, so we’re packing a purse full of party favors and heading out. Far less conspicuous than carrying an airline’s supply worth of mini bottles in your pockets, you’ll be the savior of your soiree when your friends taste the juicy flavors of a ripe summer peach, complemented by the sparkling, fruity real wine grape flavors in our new Peach Prosecco Gummies. The best part? Our proprietary fast-acting technology means you and the girls will be feeling bright and bubbly in about fifteen minutes. Make it a house party and coordinate a potluck, or head to the coast for a picnic. Wherever you choose to celebrate your Galentine’s Day with the girls, don’t forget to bring us along with you. 

New Flame

Congratulations! You’ve Bumbled your way to a first date, or have a few casual encounters under your belt, but you’re just not sure if they’re the one. You met for drinks a week ago but their insistence of Snapchatting every cocktail had you on edge and they weren’t able to influence you into going home with them. Or, maybe it was the way they waltzed into the party like they were walking on to their yacht; they probably think this blog is about them. Whatever the case, you’ve committed to meeting, but you need to leave your options open for an easy out. Our Calm and Focus pre-rolls foot the bill if you’re looking to steady the nerves. If things are going well there are few things more intimate than sharing a few slow puffs of premium whole flower CBD-dominant cannabis. And if they aren’t going well? Easy come easy go; you’ll be clear headed enough to walk away from the situation and date again another day. If the evening progresses to a long walk on the beach, let the sparks fly with a Brighter Day or Hash Infused Pre-Roll and see where the night takes you. 

Getting Intimate 

Sooner or later relationships hit the intimate stage. You know each other well but one or both of you are afraid to commit. According to, “this is when you are getting to know your partner in their true self—you are seeing their insecurities; you are vulnerable with each other.” But let’s be honest, if you’re spending hours on you’re probably not the one dragging your heels. Just as sharing a bottle of wine can help elevate your date from mundane to memorable, our Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Gummies will enhance any evening and allow the conversation to flow a little less unencumbered. Using proprietary, fast-acting technology, our full spectrum edibles will provide a desired effect in around 15 minutes and are the perfect way to unwind and take your relationship to the next level without waking up the next morning with a throbbing head full of regrets. Warning: this level of intimacy may lead to conversations about marriage, adopting furry animals, the number of blankets required to maintain a proper sleeping temperature, and the correct stowage position of the toilet seat.  

True Love 

By this point you’ve been together through thick and thin. You’re partners, best friends, and chances are you’ve got someone else that depends on you; pets, a child, an errant in-law who always seems to pop in right before dinner. Tonight take the time to cook a meal together and send the in-law packing to sit for your most prized possessions, because this night is about the two of you finding a few hours to relax and let the weight of the world melt away. No hunt for midnight monsters under the bed, no four AM potty walks around the block. Once you move past the confusion of being alone in your own home and the conversation about what the kids or pets are up to, it’s time to unwrap a pack of Cannabis Infused Chocolates. Just like your relationship, the premium Mendocino County cannabis takes time to develop. Whether you’re feeling frisky and opt for a Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili or want to slow things down with an Indica-dominant Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt you’ll be able to enjoy a truly blissful evening together that’ll remind you just how sweet life can be. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us hopeless romantics here at Garden Society.