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Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2023

Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2023

Posted: June 15th, 2023


Dads Love GS Too: 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide


We’ve seen the data and it speaks volumes: Dads love Garden Society! With Father’s Day right around the corner, you can’t go wrong with some gift-wrapped pre-rolls, gummies, chocolates, or full flower pouches. But what else do dads want on their special day?

According to a recent survey, 76% of dads prefer an experience to a physical gift, and eating a meal together with the family tops the list. But if gift-giving is more your thing – or you want to go all out and do a little of both – check out our gift guide below for plenty of ideas to show dad you care.


For Man Cave Styling

After quality time with the family, dad may want to decompress. Help him deck out his mancave in style with the following selections, and throw in a Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc THCV Pre-Roll to help spark his interior design creativity.



For Ultimate Relaxation

Spa days aren’t just for moms! Give dad the gift of ultimate relaxation with some Blissful Rest Pre-Rolls paired with a cannabis-inspired item designed to lull him into a zen-like state.



For Kicking it Into High Gear

If the dad in your life enjoys working up a sweat, you can’t go wrong with hemp activewear. Hemp is naturally breathable, wicks away moisture, and has antimicrobial properties for odor control. And bonus: Hemp textiles are good for the environment, too. Check out the following options, and grab him some of our fitness-friendly Kiwi Lime Sauvignon Blanc THCV gummies while you’re at it.



For Eating All The Things

Does dad love Garden Society’s cannabis-infused chocolates? Then he may appreciate a gift that takes eating to the next level. When it comes to cannabis edibles, there’s a range of delicious options that range from inducing couch lock to imparting no psychoactive effect at all.  



For Outdoor Adventure-Seeking

There’s little doubt that cannabis and the great outdoors go hand-in-hand. So if dad’s a nature buff, the sky’s the limit on the gifting potential. How about a flameless, windproof lighter? A case that keeps his lighter and hash-infused pre-roll dry and secure? Or a multi-tool for all his outdoor smoking needs?



Looking for even more gift ideas for dad? Check out last year’s Elevated Gift Guide for Father’s Day.