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Enhance Your Halloween with Garden Society

Enhance Your Halloween with Garden Society

Posted: October 22nd, 2021

We’re Thrilled for October 31st

This year we’re trick-or-treating with three families in our neighborhood and as tradition dictates, we all end up back at our place for an adults only afterparty. After we put the kids to bed and sneak a Kit Kat or two from the abandoned plastic pumpkin baskets, we gather our friends in the living room and pass out our favorite adult-only Halloween party favors: single Spiced Dark Chocolates with Chili  that we’ve hand wrapped in orange cellophane, and give one to each grown-up guest to take home for their stash. But, our treats don’t end here.


The Best Holiday for Cannabis

We could argue that Halloween is the perfect cannabis infused adult holiday; dressing up in silly costumes, strolling around the neighborhood in the cool autumn air, enjoying handfuls of teeny weeny candy bars (because everyone knows that “fun size” means guilt-free), only to ultimately end up back at home with friends to swap treats, tales, and edibles. 


A Brighter Day, Evening, and Morning

While our children claim that Halloween belongs to them, once we tuck them in for a sugar induced slumber, the real fun begins. Since October 31st happens to fall on a Sunday, we’ll be refraining from wine because fist fulls of candy corn and tall glasses of chardonnay are a recipe for the worst kind of Monday. Handcrafted chocolate cannabis edibles and Garden Society Rosettes are the perfect guilt-free way to celebrate a festive holiday evening with friends. After all, the only thing to be afraid of this Halloween is a hangover the following morning.


An Updated Etiquette

Cannabis is the most social of all flowers, and while the culture surrounding it typically dictates the sharing of a common Rosette, this year we’ve had to reevaluate our pandemic cannabis social etiquette. We used to sit around and pass Rosettes, but this year we’ve started to provide each guest with their own Brighter Day Hash Rosette, packed with our made in-house dry-sift hash from locally grown full-flower, sungrown cannabis. At .375 grams per pre-roll it’s the perfect amount of cannabis to get us in a social mood, while still leaving us conversational. And, after fifteen minutes of standing around the firepit watching the harvest moon drift across the sky, it’s time to head inside for our second favorite Halloween tradition; dusting off the air popper and making the best fresh popcorn this side of AMC, queuing up the scariest movie we can stream, and pretending like we have the youthful stamina to make it to the ending credits. Happy Halloween from all of us at Garden Society! 


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