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Enhance Your Halloween with Garden Society

Enhance Your Halloween with Garden Society

Posted: October 19th, 2022

We’re Thrilled for October 31st

It’s almost that time of year again. October 31st. The annual walk through the ‘hood to visit the neighbors and beg for treats in creative attire then anxiously awaiting the kids’ crash from a sugar high a few hours later. Tradition requires we sneakily loot their Halloween stash from the haphazardly tossed plastic pumpkin baskets loaded with all sorts of treats. But the real high we’re after comes when the young ones get tucked into bed. That’s when the adults’ fun begins – swapping treats, tales, and delicious 21+-only edibles that have been safely stashed away until now.

With Halloween falling on a Monday, we’ll be refraining from wine because fist fulls of candy corn and tall glasses of chardonnay are a recipe for the worst Tuesday. Instead, we opt for our crowd favorites: handcrafted Wine Country Gummies. Made with proprietary, fast-acting technology, our full-spectrum edibles will provide a desired effect in around 15 minutes. If a quality smoking experience is what you’re after, then our new THCV premium flower pre-rolls are the ticket. This award-winning flower grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals is responsibly farmed, premium, and harvested in a way that captures the full flavor and essence of the plant and place. With notes of strawberry, mint, cream, and a touch of pepper and floral notes, these colorful pink and magenta-tinged pre-rolled buds are absolutely delicious.

And for all of those chocolate lovers out there, don’t worry – we have you covered: our handcrafted chocolates check just about all of the crowd-pleasing boxes, with options that include vegan and gluten-free spicy dark chocolate to kick up the night a notch, or a tasty wind-down milk chocolate bite with chai to bring calm and focus, or our favorite for Halloweens that fall early in the week: a sea-salted finishing bite to grant blissful rest.

Order up, and have a very Happy Halloween from all of us at Garden Society!