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New Garden Society x Emerald Spirit Botanicals Reserve THCV pre-rolls

New Garden Society x Emerald Spirit Botanicals Reserve THCV pre-rolls

Posted: June 22nd, 2022

5 Questions with Katie Jeane of Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Garden Society Reserve products have arrived with the launch of our new THCV premium flower pre-rolls featuring High THCV premium flower of the Pink Boost Goddess strain. This exclusive, award-winning flower grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals exemplifies the spirit of our latest line by showcasing the farmers who share our belief that the finest cannabis flower is responsibly farmed, premium, and harvested in a way that captures the full flavor and essence of the plant and place.

Emerald Spirit Botanicals strives to bring the sweetness of the earth through a rare selection of 1:1 cannabis varieties. Together, mother and sons work with a vision to bring healing to the earth through organic farming, unique strains, and microclimates surrounding their farm in Willits, California. Join us as we sit down with Botanist, Mother, and Farmer, Katie Jeane of Emerald Spirit Botanicals to discuss this unique strain, her love of farming and her mission to introduce unique cannabis strains to the market.

Thanks so much for joining us today Katie Jeane. We know you’d probably rather be out gardening and we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us about yourself, your philosophy and your farm as we launch our new Garden Society x Emerald Spirit Botanicals Reserve THCV Collection. 

What brings you the most joy about working with cannabis?

I receive the most joy in my working relationship with cannabis seeds. I love to plant the seeds in the spring and watch them poke their heads up out of the soil and go on their life journey. I love to tend my male plants in my forest vision quest garden, and receive their pollen to take into the cultivated female garden and spread around to all of the female plants that are calling out for this fulfillment, completion, and opportunity to produce seeds for the future and the next season. I love to see that the pollen has taken, that the seeds are forming, and that there is hope in the future for new medicines to come. I am also giddy in May and June when I’m waiting for my vegetative ratio results to come in so that I can get a scientific picture into what medicinal ratios are present for me to share with the people of California and weave into the future.

What brought you to becoming a cannabis farmer?

I was called by spirit to be a cannabis farmer and to support  the spirit of cannabis through this legalization process by bringing a unique and diverse quality of cannabinoid ratio medicines to the people.

What do you love about farming unique strains like Pink Boost Goddess?

I am honored to be of service to the spirit of cannabis by supporting new cannabis medicines, like Pink Boost Goddess, and bringing them to the people. My teachers say that the plants are evolving one step ahead of us, and that the plants bring new medicines to us and support us in our evolution. I am honored to be able to work in this deeper way and to identify, support, and shepherd these new medicines to the land and on the earth for us at this time.

If you didn’t cultivate what would be your other profession?

I wonder? Spirit would likely have me on some other task to better the earth or culture! Perhaps a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, an energy medicine practitioner, or producer of other kids of seeds, or maybe a ceremonialist. 

Working out in nature and with the land, can you share an animal with which you most closely identify?

California Condor! Well, the condor came to me and I accepted the invitation. We have both grown and supported the relationship. A condor is about perspective through its ability to fly so high and to have a broad view and an ability to see what’s important from a larger perspective. The condor is also about renewal and “bringing things back.” At this time I feel we need to bring back practices, methods, and wisdom that we have lost as both people and as a culture, so that we might care for the earth and each other in a better, more sustainable, heartfelt and interwoven way. Even though the California condor was nearly extinct it is a symbol of hope that even if the odds seem against us we can “bring things back.”


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