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Dry January: Garden Society Tips To Survive and Thrive

Dry January: Garden Society Tips To Survive and Thrive

Posted: January 6th, 2022

December was a wet one here for us in Sonoma from both a precipitation and party perspective. We’re ready to dry out in the New Year and take a break from our on-the-go merlot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still unwind with pizza and pinot or brunch Bellini. How can we refrain from alcohol and still enjoy the nuanced flavors of the vine paired with the subtle cerebral silence that we typically find in a glass? We’ve combined the flavor of alcohol-free wine grape concentrate and paired it with fast-acting strain specific cannabis along with a few tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive for dry January. 

Flavor Country

One of the reasons we enjoy wine so much is for it’s nuanced flavors that pair so well with both food and great company. That’s why we crafted our new Wine Country Gummies with real alcohol-free wine and wine grape concentrate, to capture the delicate flavors typically found in a glass of pinot noir, prosecco and rosé. It’s also why we created a proprietary fast-acting technology so you can feel them working in about fifteen minutes, just like a glass of wine. Remember that time you accidentally downed a whole bottle over appetizers? Neither do we. Unlike alcohol, some edibles can take up to two hours before you start to feel the effects, which makes it easy to get impatient, or in over your head, and is one reason why edibles aren’t ideal in social situations. Share a package of our 5mg Peach Prosecco Gummies with friends before a party like you’d pour a glass of wine and feel the mood brighten.


We get it; it’s hard to get invited to someone’s house for dinner and turn down a couple glasses of wine or a cocktail. Peer pressure is a beast. Anticipate the situation and show up with your own supply of Wine Country Gummies, handcrafted cannabis infused chocolates or whole flower pre-rolls and offer them up before the meal. Chances are by the time dinner is served you’ll be having so much fun your hosts won’t mind skipping the booze.

Sip Consciously   

Why is drinking eight glasses of water a day so difficult? Because plain water is boring. There, we said it. We at least need some bubbles to make this most basic of beverages seem palatable, but for a meal? Serve something a little more interesting. Consider stocking up on a few mocktails for your evening meals or better yet, check out our friend and Herb Somm Jamie Evans’ guide to non-alcoholic herbal and cannabis craft beverages that are worthy of your Riedel stemware. From spritzes to infused simple syrup her website even comes complete with a terpene pairing guide so you can play herbal sommelier at your next dinner party. 

Technology is Your Friend

Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to complete a challenge. Whether it’s our Fitbit, Apple Watch or Strava account, tracking progress is fun and can give the reward center in your brain that familiar warm and happy feeling. There are apps specifically created for dry January like Try Dry that not only tracks your drinking (or lack thereof) but shows how much money and calories you’ve saved by abstaining. Cheers to that!

Challenge a Friend

Any challenge or undertaking is easier with a partner. Whether it’s a spouse or friend, having someone else to hold you accountable makes starting any endeavor or New Year’s resolution easier. While you’re at it, take the time to pick up another healthy habit like a jog or walk together after work. Which brings us to our last tip…


According to Joelene Knight, CADC-CAS, Board Member at Awakening Recovery and Executive Director/Co-Founder at Grace Recovery “a lot of people drink out of boredom, and right now there is a lot of boredom while being in an ongoing pandemic.” You can fill any spare time with a new hobby, but if you take thirty minutes before dinner to go for a jog, practice yoga or spin on the bike your body will naturally produce those “feel good” endorphins. 

Happy New YOU from all of us here at Garden Society. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2022 in all of your endeavors!