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Dads Love GS Too: An Elevated Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Dads Love GS Too: An Elevated Gift Guide for Father’s Day

Posted: June 2nd, 2022

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and while we’re quick to recognize all of the canna-moms out there, our retail partners and data clearly shows that dads love Garden Society, too! Our pre-rolls are a clear favorite, from hash-infused to a Blissful Rest pre-roll that has become a part of the post-bedtime parenting routine in many households. Our GS Father’s Day Gift Guide highlights our favorite cannabis themed gadgets, products, and clothing that pair perfectly with Garden Society cannabis.

Ardent FX Cannabis and Herb Decarboxylator Father's Day Dad Chef

For the Father Who Cooks

Our dad is more than handy in the kitchen. He’s the relief chef who gets called in for weekend duty, often turning Saturdays into an all-day Wine Country feast. If your best family bonding happens over the kitchen table, consider the Ardent FX Decarboxylator. Billed as the “adult Easy-Bake Oven,” it’s an all-in-one, portable canna-kitchen that fully activates plant material, including flower, kief, concentrate, stems, and more. It features settings to infuse, cook and bake right inside the device, and it pairs perfectly with a bag of our PB Souffle or Blue Dream Garden Society x Joy Ridge Farms whole flower collaboration. You’ll have a hard time getting dad out of the kitchen when he starts adding infused butters, desserts, breads or tinctures to the adult tasting menus.

Ardent FX Cannabis Decarboxylator: $299.99

Father's Day Cannabis Grinder Star Wars Santa Cruz and Electronic

Enhance His Daily Grind

What good is the gift of fresh Sonoma Coast flower if dad doesn’t have a proper way to grind it? We’ve selected a few herb grinders to fit your dad’s personality:

  • For the dad who likes to stick to the basics and keep it classic it’s hard to beat the Santa Cruz Shredder. Made in California, Santa Cruz has been setting the industry standard for over a decade when it comes to ease of use, simplicity and high quality craftsmanship.
  • Is your dad a techie? For those who need to have the latest wunder-gadget the electronic OTTO by Banana Bros will do just about everything short of rolling the joint or packing a bowl. Just don’t let dad smoke alone, because this is one gift he’ll want to show off to his friends.  
  • Canna-dad and Star Wars Fan? Yes, you can even find a grinder that’s shaped like the Death Star. For bonus points pair it with a matching Zippo and a bowl of fresh popcorn.

Santa Cruz Shredder: $28.50 to $89.95

OTTO Electric Grinder: $149.99

Death Star Grinder: $14.99

Star Wars Zippo: $89.90

Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag with Built-in Combo Lock

For The Discreet Dad

Planning a weekend getaway for dad? Toss a few pre-rolls into one of Herb Guard’s premium smell-proof bags and enjoy a fragrance-free car ride. If you’ve ever left a few Hash-Infused pre-roll Pre-Rolls in your duffle bag, then you know that the results can make unpacking at the hotel slightly less than discreet. These cannabis carrying bags also feature a built in combo lock to keep inquisitive little fingers out.

Herb Guard Smell Proof Travel Bag with Lock: $24.99

The Fashionable Father

Sometimes dad needs a little help in the fashion department. If you’re looking for a gift that’s both comfortable, and stylish, for Father’s Day check out The Aprés Short from Taylor Stitch. Crafted from hemp and available in an earth tone palette of colors, they’re a subtle nod to cannabis chic that you’ll enjoy looking at as much as he loves wearing. Pair it with one of their Cotton Hemp Tees or woven hemp Short Sleeve California button ups, and he’ll be ready for an afternoon in wine country or a day lounging by the pool.

Taylor Stich Aprés Short: $88

The Cotton Hemp Tee: $35

The California Hemp Button Up Shirt: $92

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana: (Books about Marijuana, Guide to Cannabis, Weed Bible)

The Green Thumbed Bookworm

Growing up, dad had a collection of Audubon guides that ranged from wildflowers, to mushrooms, to reptiles and amphibians. In the days before Google it was a way to spend time outdoors and identify plants and animals together. Rekindle that bond with Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana. Far more than a coffee table book, it’s an in-depth directory of cannabis with beautiful photography, backgrounds on botany, lineage, flavor, and mental or physical high that define 170 strains of flower. Enjoy it together and start plotting your garden for next Father’s Day.

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana: $35

Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, for more tips, ideas and product updates. Looking for other thoughtful cannabis themed gifts? Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for other Wine Country inspired recommendations for the Garden Society lover in your life. Happy Father’s Day!