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Celebrating our Farmers this Croptober

Celebrating our Farmers this Croptober

Posted: October 14th, 2021

At Garden Society we understand that the quality of our handcrafted cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and preroll pre-rolls begins on the farm, and that’s why we choose partner farms that place an emphasis on sustainable, premium cannabis that’s cultivated and harvested in a way that nature intended.

This Croptober we’re proud to celebrate the harvest by highlighting our sources and lending a voice to the farmers who work so diligently to bring you the high quality cannabis that we’re rooted in here at Garden Society.

Agricola: In Nomine Terra (Women-led)

“We believe that the best cannabis comes naturally, exactly the way that nature intended.
Grown with the tools that nature tasks the farmer to skillfully employ: carefully tended soil, light and natural means to keep plants healthy as they grow and flourish.With care. In limited quantities. Sustainably and holistically.”


Emerald Spirit Botanicals: Plant Guided, Family Farmed (Women-led)

“At Emerald Spirit Botanicals we strive to bring you the sweetness of the earth through a rare selection of 1:1 varieties. Together, mother and sons work with a vision to bring healing to the earth and humanity guided by the plant spirits. We ensure the highest quality medicine grown with certified organic inputs on a naturally resilient diversified farm. Each year, our cannabis becomes more and more acclimated to our southwest facing micro climate as we continue to breed our strains forward to bring you a 1:1 balance. We are grateful to be able to work closely with the earth and the spirits of our place and hope you feel our love in the medicine we bring to the world.”


Fire Flower Farm: Modern, Holistic Craft Cannabis (Women-led)

“Trailblazers in the medical cannabis industry, in 2018, we acquired one of the first cannabis growing permits in the Mendocino and Emerald Triangle region. Fire Flower Farm cultivates full season, premium wholesale craft cannabis, free of chemicals and pesticides. Since the beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to organic cultivation practices, as well as nurturing sustainability for the land, our team, and the community of which we are a part.”


The Hive: Craft Cannabis through Conscious Collaboration

“Hive Mendocino was formed by a diverse group of farmers based in Mendocino County, all passionate about cultivating high-quality craft cannabis. We came together out of a necessity to find an economically-feasible approach to sustainable craft-cannabis cultivation and out of a passion for the industry we love and want to protect. We are fathers and sons who have grown up in this industry together, we are friends who have met at board of supervisor meetings, we are husbands and wives working and living together, we are mothers and daughters dedicated to making medicine, we are boyfriends and girlfriends, we are former trimmers who wanted to commit our lives to cultivation and we are business owners. Hive Mendocino is committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices across all our operations. It is our policy to act responsibly in our day-to-day relationships with our members, customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.”


SHF: Where Cannabis meets Michelin Star Culture

“Sonoma Hills Farm is a Sun + Earth-certified craft cannabis farm and culinary garden nestled on 60-acres in Sonoma Valley’s Petaluma Gap appellation, one of the nation’s premier wine terroirs. Led by Aaron Keefer, the former culinary gardener for the Thomas Keller Group & The French Laundry, the farm collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs to select and cultivate the highest expression of premium cannabis, hemp and vegetables. Sonoma Hills Farm’s cannabis flower is produced in harmony with nature using regenerative farming techniques and is harvested at its full-term peak potential. The farm bridges Sonoma county’s rich agricultural history with a farm-to-table cannabis lifestyle, curating an experience for the sophisticated and passionate flower consumer. Our intention at Sonoma Hills Farm is to bridge cannabis with Sonoma’s rich agricultural legacy by introducing craft cannabis to the farm-to-table lifestyle. Our variety of genetics includes both classic and unique strains, curated to those seeking both high-THC flower and dynamic cannabinoid and flavorful terpene profiles that appeal to the sophisticated, experienced flower consumer. We selectively harvest each strain at peak trichome ripeness.”


Joy Ridge Farm: Rooted in Tradition

“Deep in the hills of Northern California people take growing cannabis pretty seriously. Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. Hard work, integrity, family, and determination aren’t new ideals, but a select few in the cannabis industry use them as their mantra. Western Sonoma County is known for some of the best Pinot Noir in the world, due to low coastal temperatures every night followed by beautiful sunny days throughout the growing season. We’ve learned that those same conditions that the grapes love, result in some of the best cannabis in the world. Where you find delicious wine you will often find amazing premium cannabis. Joy Ridge lies in the primary coastal mountain range outside of Bodega bay, part of the coveted Russian River valley appellation. Our home is a family owned, 160 acre, ranch that was purchased in 1926 during the height of prohibition. During our country’s second prohibition two brothers and a brother from another mother came together to form Joy Ridge Farms. Here at Joy Ridge Farms we take pride in our family mentality, a long hard day’s work, and dedication to our small batch artisan premium cannabis.”


WildLand: Creating a Relationship with the Land (Women-led)

“When I first came to Mendocino county in 2007, it was to work on a guest farm that had nothing to do with cannabis. I had lived my whole life in an urban environment, and wanted to experience rural living. That farm was in its own valley on a 1000 acre parcel that was bordered by the Mendocino National Forest, with the Eel river running through. I’ve traveled all over the world, and it’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Living in close relationship with the land, working in community and homesteading remotely was a completely new experience for me, and I fell in love with that way of life. Ironically, I had never heard of the Emerald Triangle, although I had a decade long relationship with cannabis by then. I returned to Philadelphia after a year in Mendocino county, to pursue creative endeavors, and scratched my farming itch by growing a huge roof garden in the city. Eventually, my farming desires outgrew my rooftop and I got tired of hauling potting soil three stories up. I moved back to Mendocino, ending up in Covelo, a small town east of the 101, where I could keep chickens and bees and grow plants in the ground. I actually had no intention of cultivating cannabis, but my very kind landlords insisted, even gifting myself and my housemates our first cannabis starts. That was 10 years ago, and we’re still working with those genetics. After years of splitting myself between mural painting, vegetable farming, community advocacy and backyard cannabis farming, I realized that cultivating cannabis was the most fulfilling for me, both creatively and intellectually. Regulation was upon us with the passage of Prop. 64, and WildLand Cannabis was born!”

Other farms include:

Quarry Farms


We’re proud to work with these farms and partners as they complement our mission of producing cannabis products with uncompromising quality, in addition to promoting our core values of environmentally friendly practices, sustainability, and social consciousness. This fall we raise our pre-rolls to you and celebrate by enjoying the bounty of your harvest.