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Celebrate This Father’s Day With Garden Society

Celebrate This Father’s Day With Garden Society

Posted: June 15th, 2020

As pioneers striving to redefine the cannabis experience for women, our mission has been to provide our customers with the highest quality, strain specific products designed to further the acceptance of cannabis in daily life. As women and business owners we not only craft products that we want to consume ourselves, but that can also be proudly shared with friends, and family, including our moms. However, that doesn’t mean that dads can’t enjoy Garden Society too.

Let’s Hear it For Dad

Let’s hear it for the dads! If you have children, you know firsthand the reward, and stress, that comes with being a parent. If you don’t, well, you were a kid once and probably weren’t quite the angel you remember. While you can turn off the work phone or turn on auto reply, a parent’s job is never done. While we celebrate moms, we wanted to take a moment and salute the dads this week as Father’s Day approaches. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, or your parenting partner, we’ve got a special way to say “thank you.”

We Love to Share…

And, we love to hear from you. It seems like lately we’ve been getting notes from guys who discovered our products on their own, were introduced to us through their partner, or even introduced us to the women in their life. Like a bottle of great wine, Garden Society products are designed to be passed around, shared, and savored. In the spirit of Father’s Day we thought we’d share a few recent stories we’ve gotten from the dads.

Dad’s Love Garden Society

“I enjoy cannabis to help me unwind in the evening but my wife gave it up after college and told me she’d ‘moved on.’ I thought your Spiced Dark Chocolates would be a fun way to reintroduce her to cannabis and enjoy after we tucked the kids to bed. She had no interest in joining me until she opened the package and said ‘those are so beautiful, I want to try!’ Now we regularly enjoy a “chocolate break” together after a long day of work and kids.”

-Ryan S.

“I used to smoke… a lot, but now I’ve got kids and a demanding job. I enjoy it but I just can’t spend half of the day in a haze. I’d written off smoking but a friend came over the other afternoon with your Sativa pre-rolls and we each had one. They’re the perfect size! I felt relaxed and was still fully functional. I can’t wait to try the Indica [pre-rolls] in the evening.”

-Robbie S.

“Help! My office was closed in the current situation and I’ve been trying to work from home and watch the kids since schools are shut down. By dinner time I kept getting this glazed over look and was starting to twitch so my wife gave me one of her High-CBD pre-rolls. Worked like a charm! Thank you!”

-Conner T.

“My wife discovered your Indica Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt. I’d tried edibles once before and had a terrible experience so I was hesitant to give these a shot. She usually takes half of the 10mg chocolate before bed and convinced me to give one a try last night. I’ve never slept so well.”

-Chris L.

Get Creative

Don’t think dad would be into cannabis? If someone is just dipping their toes into the cannabinoid pool our Milk Chocolates with Chai are the ideal place to start. The high CBD content balances out the THC to create a clear headed, relaxing effect that is perfect for a beginner or someone looking for a general sense of relaxation. Here’s a few other nontraditional ways to introduce cannabis into the conversation and celebration:

  • Boost your backyard BBQ

    How about an adult twist on a classic summer treat. When dad’s done grilling, throw some marshmallows on skewers, toast them to ooey gooey golden perfection and slide one between graham crackers with a piece of Garden Society Chocolate.

  • Rise and Shine for Brighter Day

    Let the stress melt away this Father’s Day by shaving a Spiced Dark Chocolate on his morning coffee or wrap up the evening with a cup of hot cocoa infused with a melted Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

As with any gift, it’s the thought that counts. When you give Garden Society you’re telling that special someone they not only deserve the best quality premium cannabis, but that you care about how they feel, whether it’s a great night’s sleep or a relaxing break during a hectic day. You can’t give the gift of time, but you help make every minute more enjoyable.