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Mothers Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2023

Mothers Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2023

Posted: May 5th, 2023

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14

As Mother’s Day approaches, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for all that moms do.

Looking for a little release for someone whose days are often filled with chaos? Moms have unique ability to stay calm under pressure. No matter how chaotic things may get, they manage to keep everyone grounded and focused. CBD can help with keeping it looking easy and breezy! Enjoy the calm and focus a high-CBD strain of cannabis can provide in life’s most hectic moments.

This year, give the mothers in your life a gift that allows them to relax and unwind and get some me-time. Garden Society CBD-rich prerolls and gummies are beautifully crafted treats that are perfect for indulging in a little self-care and pampering. Balanced with CBD, they offer a gentle, relaxing buzz that will help you destress and enjoy some much-needed and deserved downtime.

This year, give a mom in your life something extra special to show your appreciation. What better way than to gift you with the ultimate relaxation experience – our premium cannabis prerolls filled with CBD.


Garden Society Mother’s Day Gift Guide:



  • Whole flower, pre-rolled cannabis
  • Premium flower on premier farms in Sonoma and Mendocino County
  • Smaller size for individual use
  • Packaging keeps pre-rolls fresh, and is recyclable

Calm and Focus CBD infused prerolls



  • Always full-flower, premium cannabis
  • Sourced from premier Sonoma & Mendocino County farms

Hash infused Calm and Focus CBD rich prerolls




  • Inspired by the delicious flavors of Wine Country, our Sparkling Strawberry Rosé gummies
  • Infused with a high-CBD strain of cannabis for Calm & Focus.
  • Enjoy the juicy flavors of a ripe summer strawberry, complemented by the light, fruity flavors of sparkling rosé .
  • Proprietary, fast-acting technology, our full spectrum edibles will provide the desired effect in around 15 minutes.
Calm and Focus Gummies

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