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Why Cannabis Could be a More Enjoyable Alternative to Alcohol

Why Cannabis Could be a More Enjoyable Alternative to Alcohol

Posted: October 5th, 2020

Enjoy Flower for Your Next Happy Hour

We’ll be honest; sometimes we count the hours until it becomes socially acceptable to pop a cork and relax. And, some days that’s earlier than others. The more we drink, the easier it becomes to reach for another glass and the harder it is to remind ourselves of the physical discomfort and mental anguish that awaits us the following day. What if we told you there was a better way to unwind; an alternative to alcohol that can help you relax, decompress, and wake up the next morning feeling fresh, rested and ready to greet the day. This week we challenge you to think outside the glass as we make a case for choosing cannabis over cocktails.

More Rest Equals Less Stress

If you’ve been using alcohol to help fall, or stay asleep, there’s a reason you’ve been feeling groggy in the morning. While it may feel like your head hits the pillow faster after those two glasses of Pinot, studies have shown that while two to three drinks before bed initially encourage sleep, these benefits disappear after three days and have the opposite effect. Ever had a few too many drinks and allowed the evening to slip away? You’re rewarded with a spinning room and a restless sweaty night filled with poor sleep, a headache, and the dreaded hangover the next morning. The only real cure is time and a half-hearted promise never to do it again.

The Case for Cannabis

Cannabis on the other hand can be the ideal complement to any evening. Studies have indicated that cannabis can decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, as well as increase the amount of time spent in deep sleep. And, while it’s possible to over indulge and wind up in bed sooner than anticipated, there’s no looming threat of a morning spent pounding aspirin and wearing sunglasses indoors.

It’s Science

  • Different compounds in cannabis work together to help you relax, rest and destress. Here are three of the most well known cannabinoids and their effect on sleep.
    • THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis and has been shown to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep.
    • CBD has been studied for its ability to reduce anxiety without altering sleep/wake cycles.
    • CBN is believed to have powerful sedative effects and could increase sleep time.
  • Rise and shine! Unlike booze, cannabis won’t put your body through the metabolization wringer while you sleep. Cannabis lacks the congeners, and addictive, dehydrating, vitamin depleting qualities of alcohol, which means you’re far more likely to wake up feeling refreshed, headache free and less irritable. But, there is a caveat- see below.
  • Cannabis quality matters! For a brighter morning look for the purest, highest quality premium whole flower products. Cannabis creations with artificial flavors, colors and fillers, or ones that haven’t been tested and verified, can contain impurities and cause you to feel less than stellar the next day. Know your source and select products like those from Garden Society, which strive for uncompromising quality.

Still Feeling Anxious?

Relax without the guilt or gut.

  • While alcohol may help you feel relaxed initially, it’s physically addictive and its long term effects and symptoms of withdrawal could leave you feeling more anxious than when you started sipping- not to mention the 100+ calories packed in each glass of wine don’t play well with your fitness regime.
  • Low levels of THC and higher levels of CBD have been shown to reduce overall anxiety, calm the mind, and destress. Also, since it isn’t physically addictive in the same way as alcohol you won’t be up against the cravings, or calories, that lurk in your home bar.

Embrace the Strain

While your body treats all alcohol the same, cannabis contains many complex compounds. Selecting strain specific cannabis allows for a unique user experience based on plant genetics.

  • Alcohol is alcohol. Your body responds the same whether it’s a daiquiri, shot, or hard seltzer.
  • With hundreds of strains to choose from, you can create a curated cannabis experience, tailored to your mood, desired effect, or time of day.
    • Indica dominant strains such as those designed for Blissful Rest provide a calm and relaxing effect to help you unwind at the end of the day
    • Sativa dominant strains offer a Brighter Day by utilizing strains that have a more mentally stimulating, creative effect.
    • Lastly, high-CBD strains of cannabis can provide Calm and Focus with a higher ratio of the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol, which can help you relax while keeping your mind clear.

Next time you’re in the mood for a more enjoyable experience, whether you’re looking to unwind before bedtime or seeking a social and creative buzz, consider cannabis as a more joyful alternative to alcohol.