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Because Mom and Dad Deserve Goodies, Too

Because Mom and Dad Deserve Goodies, Too

Posted: October 23rd, 2019

Remember when a “grown up” Halloween treat meant your parents downing one of those teeny tiny chocolate bottles filled with syrupy liqueur? While they were always a hit after a hectic evening herding masked children through congested sidewalks and making awkward conversation with random neighbors, they never had the stomach, to indulge in the twenty or thirty pieces that were required to consume a single serving of adult beverage. And, while it’s still hard to turn down a tiny chocolate cordial bursting with Grand Marnier, our palates have evolved.

These days the most festive houses in our neighborhood contain animatronic apparitions and fog machines. The garage doors are flung open revealing card tables blanketed in picnic staples and half empty glasses of Orin Swift wines. Afterall, October 31st can be as much fun for the over twenty-one crowd as it is for the kiddos. This year we’re here to offer a Garden Society tip; before you concoct a White Russian to pair with that fun size Baby Ruth, consider a cinnamon, chili, and Sativa infused dark chocolate to lighten your mood and lift those Halloween spirits.

Our Sativa infused Spicy Dark Chocolates are available as individually wrapped 10mg confections that are perfect for sending home with your adult trick-or-treat goodie bags. Or, if you’re like us and want to share the joy at a party, you can divvy up a box of eight 10mg chocolates and enliven the evening.

Our handcrafted dark chocolates are vegan and gluten free so they check just about all of the crowd pleasing dietary boxes, and with ingredients like ceylon cinnamon, sea salt, and organic cayenne pepper, they’re the perfect crowd pleasing balance of spicy and sweet.

Of course, these are solely and strictly for the 21+ crowd—and we don’t advocate consuming a box of edibles and navigating dark streets with small children. Just like any other celebratory imbibing, we trust you’ll be responsible.

Not feeling especially social but hesitant to hit the hay? One of our favorite October evening traditions is to enjoy an after dinner Spicy Dark Chocolate, dim the lights, queue up a long classic spooky flick like The Shining, and wait for the Sativa to kick in. Spoiler alert: It’s around the time the Torrance family moves into the Overlook Hotel. So go ahead and pop some popcorn, we’re here to help you unwind after an all work and no play kind of day. Trick or treat from all of us here at Garden Society.