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A Perfect Flower Pairing: Garden Society x Joy Ridge Farms

A Perfect Flower Pairing: Garden Society x Joy Ridge Farms

Posted: April 6th, 2022

Now Offering Flower by Joy Ridge, Delivered Directly to Your Door in SoCal

We’ve found a flower partner as steadfast on quality as we are here at Garden Society and we are excited to offer the flavors of Northern California Wine Country cannabis through our exclusive farm partnership with Joy Ridge Farms. In addition to partnering on this premium Sonoma County flower, we’re thrilled to be able to offer it directly to our Southern California customers through Grassdoor’s delivery system. Order through Grassdoor now and receive our Garden Society x Joy Ridge Farms PB Souffle and Blue Dream  flower collaboration delivered to your home with Grassdoor’s ASAP same-day or Scheduled next-day delivery. 

A Sense of Purpose 

At Garden Society we’re proud to be a little picky when it comes to sourcing our flower. We are proud and fortunate to be able to work exclusively with cannabis farmers who share our belief that the finest cannabis flower is responsibly farmed, premium, and harvested in a way that captures the full flavor and essence of both plant and place. It’s with these tenants in mind that we’re excited to announce our first exclusive flower partnership with Joy Ridge Farms in Northern California’s Western Sonoma County. 

A Sense of Place 

Joy Ridge Farms operates a family owned 160-acre ranch that was purchased in 1926 during the height of prohibition, and through their years of hardwork and dedication have mastered the art of producing small batch, artisan, premium cannabis. Located deep in the hills of Northern California within the primary coastal mountain range outside of Bodega Bay, this acclaimed agricultural area produces some of the world’s best wine, however, the low coastal temperatures that make the Russian River AVA famous for pinot noir also create an ecosystem that is perfectly suited for growing world class cannabis. 



Garden Society Joy Ridge Farms Flower Blue Dream PB Souffle