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A Garden Society Guide to the Cannabis Conversation

A Garden Society Guide to the Cannabis Conversation

Posted: December 18th, 2019

The holiday table; whether yours is peaceful or a powder keg depends on the company and conversation. There isn’t another time of the year when our social circles intertwine with such a diverse mix of individuals that we call “family.” Why not introduce a subject that’s safer than politics, as nuanced as wine, and more interesting than the weather? According to recent polls 84% of adults are in favor of legal cannabis, so chances are you’re in good company. A large part of our mission at Garden Society has been to dispel the stereotypes and banish the stigmas surrounding cannabis. As an educated, independent woman, consider yourself the canbassador at your holiday table. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few helpful tips to spark the cannabis conversation.

Like any controversial subject it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Just because we regularly enjoy cannabis, doesn’t mean our great uncle doesn’t still associate it with dropouts and draft dodgers. Instead of waiting for cannabis to come up directly, provide a fresh perspective. Afterall, we are pioneers in search of new, more enriching ways to rejuvenate from the chaos of our daily lives.

Test the waters:

Are you preaching to the choir or swimming upstream? You can take the temperature of the room but working cannabis into a theoretical situation, such as “Those PG&E power outages were so stressful, I tried my first edible and it really took the edge off.” By offering a positive inferred cannabis reference you’ll find out who nods in approval or who jumps in to disagree.

Make it relatable:

When your grandmother mentions that she’s having trouble falling asleep, it’s the perfect opportunity to share how you found blissful rest through a Sea Salt Milk Chocolate. When their favorite, sweet granddaughter offers a natural alternative, they’ll naturally become canna-curious.

Sharing is caring:

The frazzled cousin with four kids whose husband is parked on the couch watching football? Help her lean in by educating her on CBD, or nerding out on the entourage effect, or micro-dosing. Plus, surely you’d be more than happy to share your relaxation secrets and a High-CBD pre-roll if she wants to join you for a walk.

Get excited:

Enthusiasm is contagious. We’re all about making cannabis a simple, fun, and vital part of people’s daily lives. Ask another whole flower aficionado at the table about their favorite strains or edibles, and converse just loud enough to be overheard. Chances are those around you will want to know what you’re talking about. There’s power in numbers and nobody likes to feel left out, especially around the holidays.

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