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A Garden Society Guide to a Wine Country Infused Mother’s Day

A Garden Society Guide to a Wine Country Infused Mother’s Day

Posted: April 26th, 2022

Why settle for one Brighter Day this May when you can celebrate all weekend?

Mother’s Day is nearly here! It’s hard to pass up breakfast in bed, but this year we’re enhancing our overnight bags with Gummies and heading to Wine Country with mom instead. After celebrating the last two years at home we’ve got an indulgent agenda that pairs perfectly with our Wine Country Gummies, warm spring weather, and the most important lady in our life. So, pack a few packages of Pinot, pop a Prosecco and come along for an unforgettable weekend. After all, why settle for one Brighter Day this May when you can have a whole weekend?

In the heart of Northern California, just about an hour’s drive from the Bay Area or a short flight from Southern California, lies the proverbial Wine Country. The poppy strewn hills surrounding Sonoma, Napa, and the Pacific Ocean are dotted with vineyards, redwoods, and inns that elicit feelings of tranquility from the moment you and your mom (or BFF travel partner) step out into the fresh spring air. For forty-eight hours you’re free to relax; no more picking up the playroom, bribing the kids with dessert, or reloading Slack to make sure you haven’t missed a message. This is your weekend to celebrate. How does a refreshing nibble of real wine infused Sparking Strawberry Rosé sound?


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Step One: Procure the Essential Provisions

First things first, before you completely drift off and unwind into Mother’s Day mode you’ll need to procure provisions. If you haven’t traveled with your own supply of Garden Society goodies don’t stress. You can find a full list of delivery services and dispensaries wherever you’ve decided to travel within California. However, if you’re looking specifically for our fast acting Wine Country Gummies that are inspired by the flavors that now surround you, we’ll take you straight to the source


Napa: Want to Get Really High? Take to the Sky. 

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a Mother’s Day weekend hot air balloon ride over Napa. Experience the full splendor of Wine Country serenely and silently from above with Napa Valley Aloft. With private and semi-private flights and options like a post-flight Champagne brunch, you’ll walk away from the morning both papered and exhilarated. Or, skip the Champagne and bring your own bubbles with a pack of our Peach Prosecco Gummies. They’re the best edibles for getting your weekend off the ground. 


Calistoga: Where Stress Goes to Melt 

At the northern end of Napa you’ll find the quaint and historic Wine Country town of Calistoga. Home to numerous hot springs and spas, it’s the picture perfect place to call home base as you settle in for a weekend of facials, mineral baths, dining, and imbibing. If you’ve never experienced a massage or facial after enjoying a Tart Cherry Pinot Noir Gummy you really haven’t relaxed to your fullest potential. Is that your stress or mind melting as you slip into your mud bath? You’ll never have so much fun getting dirty. The best part? No little muddy footprints to clean up afterwards or bathtimes to supervise. 

Spa Options in Calistoga

Calistoga Spa
The Spa at Solage
Indian Springs Calistoga
Golden Haven 
Roman Hot Springs
Moonacre Spa and Baths
Mount View Hotel
The Inn on Pine


Provisions for a Picnic: Shopping in Sonoma

Taste and sip your way around historic Sonoma Plaza as you plot your next activity. Laid out in 1835, it’s the largest plaza in California and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and tasting rooms. If the dread of waiting for a mimosa soaked brunch table on Mother’s Day sets your mommy senses tingling, consider the Wine Country DIY option and pack a picnic. While there are larger downtown Sonoma grocery options like Whole Foods nearby, head to Ovello and stock up on sandwiches, salads, and charcuterie, or, if your mom enjoys cheese as much as we do, head to the world famous Vella Cheese Company and try before you buy. Starting the weekend off early? Hit the Sonoma Farmers Market on Friday before noon and gather some local epicurean Wine Country treasures. Arriving on Saturday? Check out the Healdsburg Farmers Market and satisfy that cacao craving with a taste from our artisanal Garden Society chocolate partner Volo Chocolate. If you’ve ever had our cannabis infused chocolate edibles you’ll agree, it really is the best chocolate. We love chocolate. You love chocolate. Your mom loves chocolate. In fact, right now is the time to hand her a pack of Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili that you picked up on your Wine Country Gummy run. Congratulations, you’re now officially the best daughter ever. 


Sonoma County: A Picture Perfect Vineyard Picnic 

Now that you’ve stocked up on provisions, it wouldn’t quite be a Mother’s Day weekend getaway in Wine Country without lunch at a vineyard. With over 425 wineries in Sonoma County there’s no shortage of places to park your blanket and avoid the crowds, however, these are the top ten locations that offer easy access for a perfect picnic. Whether you sip their rosé or nibble on ours is up to you; should you choose to bring your own Gummies. Cheers to mom, and all of the times you were reminded that you were the reason for her nightly glass of chardonnay. 


The Redwood Forest: Bathe in Nature 

Nothing quite sets our minds at ease like a stroll through the forest. Ok, we’ll clarify; an edible enhanced stroll through the forest. The Calm and Focus we achieve in nature is unlike anything we can find in an urban environment, and that’s why we like to swap the city skyline for the skyscraping trees of Armstrong Redwoods State Preserve where we can walk among some of the world’s tallest and oldest living organisms. At 500-1400 years old these trees are a pleasant reminder of our youth courtesy of Mother Nature. For bonus best daughter points, this is your cue to turn to mom and tell her how young she looks as you slip her a Sparkling Strawberry Rosé Gummies crafted with high-CBD strain cannabis. Picnic tables and facilities abound, as do five to six miles of leisurely and easily accessible paths. If you plan to up your forest imbibing or decide not to leave, the nearby Fern Grove Cottages offer quaint accommodations. 


Take a Tour: Whichever Wine Country Plant You Prefer 

While there are certainly many Wine Country tours designed around our collective love for the vine, there are plenty of herbaceous options for those with more canna-confident moms.  From four-hour private cannabis dispensary tours in Sonoma County, to full-day Mendocino farm tours you can experience the full seed-to-shelf Mother’s Day weekend. What better place to enjoy the sun grown Wine Country infused flavors of Garden Society than in their very own natural habitat. Remember when you used to think your mom wasn’t cool? Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Garden Society! 



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