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Hollyweed Here We Come

Hollyweed Here We Come

Posted: September 27th, 2019

At Garden Society we’ve been working hard since 2016 to create a fresh new perspective in the way that women find joy in cannabis. Many women have not yet given themselves permission to relax and explore the plant due to the stigma it has carried for so many years. We strive to help the “canna-curious” become confident new cannabis enthusiasts through education, as well as provide a spark to rekindle a delight in those who perhaps tried in their youth and are now ready to revisit their relationship with cannabis. We wholeheartedly celebrate the central theme of sharing and enjoyment that cannabis can offer and take great satisfaction in our role as a canna-catalyst.

However, sometimes it can take a little assistance from Hollywood to help change the zeitgeist. While Mary-Louise Parker may have been a fictional weed pioneer, female celebrities have recently strolled off the screen to embrace the cannabis culture. Gwyneth Paltrow, Whoopie Goldberg and even Martha Stewart are a few of the female celebs that have attached their names to cannabis brands. As these powerful and visible women step up to the challenge we welcome authentic and educated spokespeople for an industry that has been previously relegated to persecution and prosecution.

We’ve always felt that Chelsea Handler was a kindred spirit. Whether we’re binge watching her standup routines and laughing until our obliques hurt (possibly a side effect of the Rosette we just shared) or celebrating her fresh take on sisterhood, we’ve been silently applauding from the sidelines for years. This spring at the cannabis trade show Hall of Flowers we had a chance to meet her and share our edibles and Rosettes shortly before she announced that she’d teamed up with NorCal Cannabis to create a line of cannabis products tailored to the crowd of canna-curious women.

Along with the star power of Chelsea Handler, several other female celebrities have lent their names to the cannabis cause. We believe that powerful women empower other women and well-loved celebs will undoubtedly go a long way in breaking the stigma, and showing greater acceptance of cannabis as part of societal norms.

As Handler readies the launch of her edible and pre-roll line, she will join the ranks of iconic women such as “America’s Cool Weed Grandma” Martha Stewart, who is reportedly entering the cannabis business. Not only was she a keynote speaker at the World Cannabis Congress this summer, but Stewart recently partnered with cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corp. and is prepared to take her 35,000+ recipes and adapt them for cannabis and CBD centric cuisine. From canna-curious to Epicurious, color us intrigued. Does that mean we’ll soon be buying weed at department stores? Personally, we’d love to see a ‘Home and Garden Society’ section at Macy’s. (See what we did there?)

It’s an interesting time in cannabis with so many celebrities, politicians, athletes, and other personalities entering the industry. Gwyneth Paltrow announced that her Goop brand is partnering with the dispensary chain MedMen, the largest U.S based company in the cannabis industry, to offer a curated wall of Goop-approved cannabis and CBD products. Even Whoopi Goldberg has teamed up with famed cannabis creator Maya Elisabeth to launch a line of Whoopie & Maya medicinal weed products designed specifically for women.

Not to be forgotten: while we are excited to see the list of retail locations and #womeninweed grow as the industry matures, we are reminded of small brands and pioneers that helped overcome the initial hurdles of canna-business only to be sidelined due to increasingly more expensive barriers of entry. We salute you most of all.

From day one we’ve dedicated our brand to the creation of a sisterhood of women in search of new, more holistic ways to rejuvenate from the chaos of our daily lives. We’re not surprised that women’s cannabis brands are on the rise. After all, women are the fastest growing segment of the market and will be half the legal cannabis consumers by 2022. Fun fact: 59% of women who consume cannabis, consume it daily.

It’s with open arms that we look to welcome the new voices that help support our mission. It’s, as we say, cannabis with a fresh perspective.

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